2 Aug 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.3, Sep-Oct 2017

Ancient History Magazine XI.3, Sep-Oct 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.3 with Caesar vs Pompey in the Balkans

The year is 48 BC. Can the forces of Pompey and the Roman senate withstand the veteran legions of Julius Caesar?

Theme: Caesar vs Pompey in the Balkans.

Joseph Hall, 'Caesar, Pompey and the Roman senate - Road to civil war'.
Séan Hussmann, 'Propaganda in Caesar's Bellum Civile - Restitutor Libertatis'.
Murray Dahm, 'Caesar prepares for the Balkans campaign - Doing what they least expect'.
Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'The Dyrrhachium campaign - A painful defeat for Caesar'.
Lindsay Powell, 'The Battle of Pharsalus, 9 August 48 BC - When eagles clashed'.
Ben Angell, 'The armies of Caesar and Pompey - Setting the stage'.
Kurt Hamilton, 'Pompey and the senate - Shackled to a corpse'.
Joseph Hall, 'Further reading - Pompey and Caesar'.


Duncan B. Campbell, 'The cavalry of the legion - Glorious horsemen'.
Tacticus, 'The art of tactics - Taktikè technè, part III'.
Erich B. Anderson, 'Armoured cavalry in Northwest Europe - The cataphract of Borbetomagus'.

Ancient Warfare

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