7 Jul 2017

10mm Montrose ECW by Lancer Miniatures

After my successful ECW kickstarter, this time it's north of the border to the Marquis of Montrose and his forces.

10mm Montrose ECW by Lancer Miniatures

Been a fan of gaming the ECW for many years, Lots of colour and variety of troops. I used to game it in 28mm but getting them to the club and back as the army grew bigger became a back breaking problem, so they got used less and less, and in the end I sold them, promising myself I would replace them with a smaller scale. Now I already have a 10mm Napoleonic range on my website and we use that down the club often, and frankly if I was starting my business from scratch everything would be in 10mm, for me they just seem to be the perfect size. Now I have had a successful ECW range made through the Kickstarter system and bits are being added to that as fast as my sculptor can work, I believe its Cuirassiers’ that will be added next, but I digress This Kickstarter is for North of the Border and the Marquis of Montrose. They will be listed on my website, but this is your opportunity to get in at the beginning, and get them at the lower price as a thank you for your support. I do all my own mould making and casting, so just looking for some help with getting the masters made. The starter army is set up to be ideal for Warlords Pike and Shotte and Baroque, and I am sure many more.

Lancer Miniatures

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