19 May 2017

Update 1980s British Infantry from TimeCast

Our 10mm 1980s British Infantry will be available very soon, the masters are with the mold makers, and the figures will be in production as soon as we can get our hands on the molds.

Update 1980s British Infantry from TimeCast

The models have been sculpted with all the gear for 1984 – SLRs, SMGs, 58 pattern webbing, and the post-WWII-style steel helmet (often covered in camouflage material). A full range of support weapons (MGs, antitank weapons, and mortars) is included, plus forward observers and mortar fire controllers.

For those who dread the thought of painting 10mm DPM camouflage, the models can also easily be painted in a dark green to match the NBC suits which would have been worn for chemical protection at the beginning of any conflict with the Warsaw Pact.

Several new Soviet vehicles have been sent off to be put into molds. These include the BRDM-2 and some of its variants.

Work has also started on the first of the British vehicles – watch this space…


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