25 May 2017

Ancient Warfare XI-2, Jun-Jul 2017

Ancient Warfare XI-2, Jun-Jul 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.2 with The Romans unify Italy

Before building an empire, the Romans first had to unify the various cultures already living on their doorstep.

Theme: The Romans unify Italy

Christa Steinby, 'Rome Italian tribes and the Greek colonies - Many into one'.
Emilio Laguardia, 'Interpreting a fresco painting - Legionary in handcuffs?'.
Erich B. Anderson, 'Italic cavalry during the Roman conquests - Renowned horsemen'.
Andrew Hillen, 'Divisions among the Greeks in Italy - Under pressure'.
Corrado Re, 'Reenacting 4th century Italic warriors - Piecing it all together'.
Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'The Battle of Sentinum - To govern Italy'.
Aaron Beek, 'Developing the legion - Sword, spear, or javelin?'.


Sean Manning, 'Reviving an ancient fighting style - So you want to be a hoplite'.
Tacticus, 'The art of tactics - Taktikè Technè, Part 2 - The Peltast'.
Joseph Hall, 'Felsonius Verus and his eagle - The Aquilifer'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Clerks, artisans, and specialists - The Immunes'.

Ancient Warfare

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