26 May 2016

TerraForms Tabletop Wargame Terrain 10mm/12mm scale

TerraForms Tabletop Wargame Terrain 10mm/12mm scale

A wide-ranging, versatile, durable set of resin tabletop wargame terrain for use in any modern or sci fi game setting in 10 & 12mm scale.

Who Are We?

We're gamers, we're fabricators, and we're passionate about work and play. We want to give you the best terrain you've seen, with the most customizable designs, and we want it to last a lifetime.

Our team has been gaming for pretty much all of our lives. We all started out gaming as kids with old school consoles, board games and pen-and-paper RPGs and moved into tabletop gaming and kept that love of games into adulthood. We've become familiar with (or played) countless tabletop games and we bring that knowledge of those games to this project, intentionally designing these for use with as many game systems as possible.

Our team has decades of combined experience in molding and casting, and we are working with other members of the casting industry, as well as 3D modelling, printing and prototyping industry. We are in direct contact with the people and companies to provide the resources to complete this project including fellow designers and casters and our product suppliers to get the ideal materials to bring you the best casts from the best molds possible.

What We Want

We want to create a wide range of attractive, scenic, and durable terrain for you to use on your tabletop game, spice up your board games, and more.

We want to make them detailed and good looking, but customizable with a hobby knife and a cool paint job.

We also want them to be as modular as we can get them, so that you can create larger and more complex creations by mixing and matching, adding different buildings from all of our ranges to bring variety to your battlefield and creating a style for your game that you love.

Project Background

We have already been working on this as a 'pet project' for some time now. We have a sizeable library of 3D designs many of which are already in the prototype and pre-mold phases. We initially began this venture as a personal project, just to make ourselves some cool custom terrain for our own gaming tables. People seeing our work began asking when we were going to have them ready for sale. That sparked the idea of going full production on these.

Initially we are releasing these kits for use with any 10mm to 12mm scale (or similar) game, roughly N scale model railroad or any board game that uses pieces of these sizes. If this campaign does as well as we hope, we have plans in place to expand our facility to produce in additional scales such as 6mm and 15mm so gamers in those scales can use our awesome terrain!

The Terrain Sets

Our buildings are designed and cast with hollow interiors. You can cut away wall sections to create damaged buildings with a realistic look. Many have removable roofs, or the floors are stackable, modular sections. Doors, windows, and gates can be cut out. This also reduces weight to allow reasonable worldwide shipping rates. Many are cast as multiple sections that you can assemble in many different ways before gluing them together, or leave them un-glued to change the layout every time you play. You are only limited by your imagination!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE! We have priced our pledges and add-ons at a low price to bring you a better value over waiting until (or if?) we are funded and open our webstore! After the Kickstarter campaign concludes, all prices for terrain in our webstore will be higher than the prices you see in this campaign. There is a definite benefit to getting in early and helping us get funded from the start! Don't wait until it's too late!

Please bear in mind, certain pieces may undergo alterations during the design and prototype process. What we have in mind during the 3D design stage may not be reasonable to produce on a model. What you receive may differ somewhat from the images depicted. Keep up with project updates to see the evolution!

Other Concerns


Shipping will be handled at the conclusion of the kickstarter through our survey/pledge manager. We want to be as accurate and affordable as possible, so we won't be lumping everyone into giant categories that overcharge many of you around the world for shipping!

Depending on your country you may be required to pay additional shipping or customs fees, duties, VAT fees or other taxes for items shipped from the US. We are exploring other shipping options to reduce these to keep these sets as affordable as possible for everyone.

-Risk to Children

These pieces are cast resin some of which have small components. They are not to be used as toys for children, and are not intended for use by any person under the age of 10. Be a responsible gamer, don't let your toddlers chew on your terrain. It's not good for them. The kids that is. Well, or for the terrain either. You know what, just don't let anyone chew on terrain.

Video Soundtrack Credit - "Anxiety" by Kai Engel, CC BY 4.0

Risks and challenges

Our risks and challenges in this process are minimal. We already have our facility for molding and casting, we already have our 3D printers for prototyping, and we already have experience in creating resin model kits. We even have many of our prototypes already completed!

Our primary risk in this endeavour is underfunding. The mold making, initial casting, and packaging/shipping require significant investment for raw materials. If we are under funded we won't be able to produce multiple copies of molds, leading to drastically slowed production times and higher costs. The better we do, the more materials we can afford, and the faster the process will go!

Labor time also needs to be compensated, another part of the risk in underfunding. Our 3D artist creating stretch goal files, our production team post-processing, and master molds and casts will need to be covered before we can move forward with full scale production.

Another risk is that production will be taking place over prime hurricane season in Florida in the US. In the event of a hurricane there's not much we can do but prepare as best as we can. In the event that we are without power for an extended period of time, understand that our facility requires power to operate (vacuum pumps and pressure pots for casting for example) and we may have to back up the scheduling.

In the event of other unforeseen disasters at our facility we have a secondary resin casting facility available to us.

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