23 May 2016

SOTCW Journal - Subscription 15 Released

SOTCW Journal - Subscription 15 Released

This subscription will include six issues of the SOTCW Journal, numbers 89 to 94.

The Journal is packed with reviews, articles, scenarios, rules, letters, advertisements, traders comments and offers.

During the time of the subscription, you will also be a member of the SOTCW. Many traders offer discounts to SOTCW members.

As Journals 89 to 94 are released, they will be added to this product, and those who have purchased it will be able to download them from their libraries.

Some back issues are now available here at Wargame Vault. Members get a huge (about 80%) discount on back issues. See the latest Journal for details.

Note that Journal 89 is due at the end of November 2016.

The current price includes a 10% discount for early subscriptions. The price will go up when Journal 89 is released.


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