2 Oct 2015

What's happening with BKC?

To find out follow Pendrakens discussion on Blitzkrieg Commander Rules.

This question has been one of the most common asked of us this year, so we'll quickly run through what's going on!

The plan from the beginning has been to revamp all three of the Commander rulesets, tweaking the rules themselves where necessary, changing the layouts and formatting to make them more modern, and rebranding them with our products/logos, etc.  The army lists will also be revised and possibly reduced (at least in the main rulebook) and altered to suit our ranges where we can.

So, the current jobs list is as follows:

1.  Changes/tweaks to the rules themselves.
2.  Fixes to anything raised in feedback on the BKC site and on our Forum here:
3.  Changes to the wording where necessary to make them easier to understand.
4.  Look at the army lists to see if we can make any minor changes to better fit with our ranges, but only whilst maintaining historical accuracy!
5.  Reformatting of the layout and new photos throughout.

We're aiming to have 1-4 done by the end of December, then we'll take care of the formatting and photos ready for a reprint in January hopefully.  Now this is a little later than we'd originally planned and we apologise for that, but this is a big job and we want to get it right.

Once BKC has been done and re-released, we'll carry out the same process on Cold War Commander, which will be sometime mid-2016 we expect.   Then finally Future War Commander will be the last to get the treatment, end of 2016 hopefully.

Obviously there will be some questions on all of that, so let us know and we'll do our best to answer them.

Pendraken Miniatures


  1. I enjoy BKC and CWC as it is. I think Pendraken is working from a solid ruleset.

    1. Hi Eric
      Yes i totally agree, and i am looking forward to Pendrakens re-release of the rules