28 Oct 2015

Dindrenzi Federation Core Helix

Inside a Dindrenzi Core Helix, Commanders have access to a large number of skimming hover vehicles that can perform lightning fast hit-and-run attacks against their enemies, allowing them to deliver punishing firepower against their foes before slipping away unseen.

The largest vehicle in the Core Helix is the impressive Kratos Heavy Skimmer – a true battlefield predator, armed with Rail Gun technology that can give even the heavily shielded Leviathans a reason to be fearful!

Next up are the Eris Medium Skimmers – a medium range engagement skimmer, used by Commanders to support the heavy elements within the Helix with even more Rail Guns!

One of the key battlefield decisions for a Commander to make is that of deciding to hold back, using their hit-and-run ability to avoid enemy weapons fire, or dive straight in and use the impact of their railgun technology to cause shield using enemies to lose their advantage.

Added to this backbone is the Circe Specialist Skimmer tasked with the designation of the insertion points for the feared Nyx Light Infantry who are trained to overwhelm foes in lightning attacks when deployed via their Damocles Class Drop Pods.

Assaulting from low orbit is a major tactic of the Dindrenzi, using calculated gambles ot strike at the heart of the enemy, allowing them to secure strategic battlefield objectives.

‘The Dindrenzi Federation is a spearhead force, that uses its ability to strike deep into a battlefield to disorientate its enemy… securing key objectives with ease’

Finally, the Leto Light Recon Skimmers provide rapid support to their Infantry brethren using a combination of raw aggression and Harvester Coil Launchers!

The Dindrenzi Federation excels at extreme, focused aggression exercised along a minimal front using strong Recon Units and Elite Infantry to provide the killer blow.

Dindrenzi Federation Core Helix

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