2 Sept 2015

Good Ground LLC Annonces

Ladies and Gentlemen! I have added the following items to my site as of today. Now available are Zouave regimental packs. They come with 48 figures, half marching and firing, a command group, and appropriate flags at nice discount. Available for this offer are the following regiments:

Duryee's Zouaves

Wheat's Tigers, Coppen's Zouaves, 5th NY or Duryee's, 62nd NY, 146th NY, 11th NY, 9th NY or Hawkin's, 14th Brooklyn, 11th IN, 73rd NY, 155th PA, 72nd PA or Philadelphia Fire Zouaves and the 114th PA or Collis' Zouaves. I will send the appropriate mix of headgear based on your choice of regiments.

Greens of Loading crew in Kepi

Greens of Loading crew in Slouch Hats

Also, now available on the site are three different types of gun crew in either kepi or slouch hat. Again, you should specify choice when ordering. The gun crew are available firing, running up the piece or loading. Each set comes with a gun, eight barrel choices and a crew of four.

Faugh au Ballagh

Union Casualty Group

Repeating Rifle Options

More great stuff is on the workbench including the Irish Brigade, replete with boxwood sprigs on their forage caps, casualties and even snipers and infantry skirmishing with repeaters.

All this and more is coming to the largest and most complete line of 10mm American Civil War figures available.

Finally, Good Ground LLC will be attending Hurricon in Orlando, FL. Hopefully, we will see you at the booth!

Good Ground LLC

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