28 Sept 2015

Brigade Models Releases Sci-Fi Buildings

Today, we're releasing three new items in our 10mm SF Buildings range. In this release, we have two towers of different designs and a building with twin roof domes. All are single-piece resin castings and are available now from the website.

B10-104 – Small Tower 1 – £3.50 
B10-122 – Small Tower 2 – £4.00 
B10-123 – Twin Dome Building – £3.50 

We'd also like to remind everyone about the next show we're attending, Blast-tastic! in Bristol next Saturday. Since this is an SF-themed show, we will not be carrying either the Celtos or Magpie fantasy ranges or the 28mm Great War Belgians. If you'd like anything from these ranges, you'll have to order in advance (either email us or order from the website using the Collect in Person shipping option). And of course, we're happy to take advance orders for any other ranges as well.

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