28 Oct 2014

Terran Alliance Core Helix

With a Terran Core Helix Commanders will find themselves able to field a strong, durable force, capable of withstanding much of the punishment that other forces can dish out, before closing to the optimal range for their unforgiving weapons!

The Vidar Heavy Tank exemplifies this strategy with a combination of M205 ‘Magellan’ Cannon and Hammerstrike Missile Systems. The Heavy Tank engages the enemy at range using its missiles until within optimum range to deliver the knockout blow with the M205 – a weapon known to strike terror in the enemies facing it.

The Heimdahl Medium Tank continues the theme acting as a support element, using its M127 ‘Drake’ Cannons to ‘Clear the Road’ for the other members of the Helix.

Supporting these elements are the Ullr Specialist Tanks. These come in 2 ‘marks’:

The Mk I acts as an Anti-Air Defence squadron, using powerful Shrike Rotor Guns to bring down enemy flyers with corrosive radio-active shells.

The Mk II is more unusual in that it can be attached to friendly armoured squadrons and strengthens the shielding harmonics of their parent squadron, greatly increasing the survivability of the force!

Close behind the main advance come the Sinir Armoured Transports with their Hirdmen Light Infantry on-board. These medium support vehicles deliver their cargo deep into the teeth of the enemy and then continue to support their charges with a powerful close quarter battle presence.

‘Terran Alliance forces are the stalwarts of the battlefield – soaking up enemy weapons fire before reaching their objective…’

Finally, the Terrans make extensive use of their own form of the Valkyrie Light Recon Vehicle, a small wheeled vehicle that packs a solid punch using its Raptor Grenade Launchers!

Whilst not the fastest force on the battlefield, the durability and rugged determination of Terran Alliance forces are often the undoing of many a complacent enemy Commander.

Terran Alliance Core Helix

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