28 Oct 2014

Sorylian Collective Core Helix

The Sorylian Collective marshal their resources carefully only to expend them when maximum force can be delivered with mathematical precision.

As the undisputed masters of long range weaponry and artillery, the Sorylians deliver punishment from afar, before closing in to unleash their Light and Heavy Infantry upon their shattered foes.

Leading the line is the Hul’Ka Battle Walker armed with a terrifying Kor’Nak Heavy Cannon and Vaan Scatter Cannons. This hulking brute acts as an artillery platform as well as line breaker within a Sorylian Core Helix.

On the battlefield this brutal engine of war is a sight to behold, and many an enemy Commander has painfully learnt how truly devastating this Battle Walker is.

In support, the force utilises Bor’Ka Medium Walkers. These unusually shaped battle walkers are designed for up close and deadly combat with powerful Vann Scatter Cannons, providing the Walker with debilitating close quarter battle capabilities.

Supporting these heavy hitters are the Ka’Kun Recon Skimmers – a light, single-man craft used by the Sorylians to take and hold ground prior to the arrival of their infantry cadres.

‘The combination of mathematical genius and brute strength is something that makes the Sorylians a most tricky enemy to deal with…’

In terms of infantry, the Sorylians are rightly feared across the galaxy, with infantry strikes that target (and destroy) enemy lines like a hammer!

With the Kul’Vok Heavy Infantry (often deployed into battle from the back of a Hul’Ka Heavy Tank!) through to the adaptive Mul’Kat Light Infantry, who travel right into the firefight on specially adapted Bol’Vak Transport Skiffs, these kill teams mix overwhelming firepower with unparalleled aggression to shred their enemies.

The Bol’Vak is jokingly referenced to as ‘shooting troops into combat’ due to its speed of delivery. The result of which can be devastating when Kul’Vok Heavy Infantry disembark from it…

Sorylian Collective Core Helix

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