7 Oct 2014

Ready for Planetfall?

Have you given Spartan Games a ‘Like’ on Facebook? Those that have were treated to a first look at our painted Sorylian and Relthoza fleets. And that’s not all we revealed last weekend!

Deliberate tacticians who use battlefield control and predetermined fire patterns to pin their enemies in place while their Heavy and Light Infantry Cadres move forwards to capture critical objectives – the Sorylian Collective are masters of the Long Game.

Sorylian Collective

The Sorylian Collective use a lot of Artillery to create areas of denial for their enemies, and powerful cannons to pound their enemies apart at a distance. As a result they have the longest ranged weapons of all races in Planetfall. The models are a mix between slow ground pounding gun tanks and faster skiff vehicles, the latter designed to transport their infantry at high-speed into firefights where their brutish nature is needed.

The Relthoza

Relthozan culture uses warfare to accelerate and hone the intense pupation cycles of their race. Or to put it another way – the strong really do survive, and then prosper and grow. In ground combat they rely on Spire Nodal Points (launched into the surface from low-orbit) to bolster their command and control, and as masters of Cloaking technology this race deems their shadow-carapace to be one of their most important military assets. Close quarter combat plays a big part of Relthozan methodology, with units eager to use speed to close the ground between them and the enemy, punishing them with their projective Shard Cannons and of course, rending them limb from limb for good measure!

Terran Alliance Strike Helix

Blessed with thick armour and access to powerful shielding technology, the Terrans are all about moving deliberately through the battlefield, laying down fire on forward elements of the enemy and then bringing their numbers to bear.

Terrans utilise shorter range weapon systems when compared to other races, but have the survivability to reach their objectives, coupled with the flexibility of multiple turret weapons to give them protection from all sides, to aid them in winning the day. In addition, Terran Commanders make extensive use of a wide array of weapon types ranging from corrosive Hammerstrike Missile Systems, to pinpoint G-43 Lasers and their punishing Magellan Cannons mounted on specialist vehicles designed to fulfil the roles the main battle tanks cannot.

Directorate Drone Flyer

The team have just been finishing up some testing of a new Directorate unit. It can launch from its tracked chassis and perform a Cyberattack on an enemy unit. But the best bit is the Flyer and its chassis is attached to the new Directorate Tank Killer unit we have designed. Quite a nasty pairing up.

Building a 12′ x 6′ city for the rulebook

You can see the terrain is designed to be modular and will flex to meet the needs of gamers from small boards to full-on cityscapes. The skyscraper is stacked three high here, towering over the landing pad. It’s missing the logo pack and walkways and mezzanine floors that can interconnect buildings, but it gives an idea of how flexible the system is.

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