9 Jun 2017

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 91, Jul-Aug 2017

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, 91, Jul-Aug 2017

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 91 with 217 BC - The ancient world at war.

Special Feature: 217 BC - The ancient world at war

Jeff Jonas, 'The Mediterranean arena of 217 BC - The grudge match of empires'.
Jeff Jonas, '217, Cage match of empires - Gaming the grudge'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Gaming the Battle of Lake Trasimene - Trick you twice'.
Eoghan Kelly, 'Cutting Hannibal's Spanish supply - The Battle of the Iberus River'.
Guy Bowers, 'Assembling a Carthaginian army - The army of the New City'.
John Morris, 'John loves it when a plan comes together - Where's the elephants, Hannibal'.


Eoghan Kelly, 'A battle for the Western Oosterbeek perimeter - God save the king'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Part I of an ACW Sharp Practice mini campaign - Three days with the tigers'.
Michael Leck, 'Danish guerrilla forces during the Scanian War - Snapphanar'.
Peter Schulein, 'Part 2: Surviving the Twisted Tentacle Arms - Playing From Dusk till Dawn'.
Stephen Tunmore, 'Modelling the retreat from Moscow, Part I - Buildinga Russian Izba'.
Tony Harwood, 'Re-building a resin cottage for 28mm gaming - Resplendent resin'.


Miniature reviews
Rick Priestley, 'This Gaming Life - Mein Host, Part II'.
Henry Hyde, 'Tabletop tactics - Line infantry: Theory into practice'.
Rob Rhodes, 'The Irregular - Do I really need a podcast?'.
Rob Rhodes, 'The American Civil War rules from Reisswitz Press - Let's play Pickett's Charge'.
Guy Bowers, 'Adventures in time and space - First look - Doctor Who - Exterminate!'.
Eoghan Kelly, Raif Watkins, and Ian Beal, 'Game reviews - Mortem et Gloriam, The Curse of Dead Man's Hand and Wargame: The Spanish Armada 1588 / Wargame: The Roman Invasion Ad 43-84'.
Parting Shots

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

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