22 Jun 2017

Ancient History Magazine 11, Jul-Aug 2017

Ancient History Magazine 11, Jul-Aug 2017

This issue focuses on the changes that occurred in Late Antiquity (including the fall of Rome), during which the ancient world transitioned into the Middle Ages.

Theme: The end of Antiquity

Josho Browers, 'The end of antiquity - Historical introduction'.
Claudia Devoto, 'Constantine and the rise of Christian Rome - Crossing the Milvian Bridge'.
Eugenia Russell, 'The last non-Christian Roman Emperor - Julian the Apostate'.
Fabian Schulz, 'How St. Ambros tried to influence rulers - Christian advice'.
Jeroen Wijnendaele, 'The end of the Roman Empire in the west - Attack of the Visigoths'.
Russell Dewhurst, 'The link between ancient and medieval - Augustine of Hippo'.
Olivier Gengler, 'Closure of the Academy at Athens - Plato's second death?'.
Josho Brouwers, 'Recommended books on late antiquity - Beyond the magazine'.


Shelby Stanfield, 'Vultures in the ancient world - Rejected or revered?'.
Cristian Violatti, 'The quest for immortality in ancient China - Forever alive'.
David L. Reinke, 'An enigma tailor-made for Hollywood - Pontius Pilate'.

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