14 Mar 2016

Miniature Wargames 396, April 2016

Miniature Wargames 396, April 2016

With the Salute show guide free this month, giving us a monster issue with 96 pages, we’ve got a packed magazine overflowing with wargaming goodies:

David Burden and James Fisher report on the efforts of Napoleonic gamers around the world who were spurred on by the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in June last year – or, as we discover, even earlier.

Chris Russell concludes his two-parter with his complete ruleset for early WWI air war gaming, featuring the eponymous German monoplane.

Of course, we have our regular spots too:

The Editor celebrates ten years of editing wargame magazines in his Briefing; in his World Wide Wargaming, he begins a guide for using the internet to help with new projects and presents another pair of ‘Blogs of the Month’.

In Forward Observer, Neil Shuck takes a long, hard look at the pros and cons of the Kickstarter phenomenon, asking whether too many companies – and consumers – are ill-advised to get sucked into the pressures of this funding method.

Diane Sutherland, our resident wargames widow, is feeling a bit spiky this month, after husband Jon decided to get all defensive, so please avoid making any barbed comments because its a minefield out there, and if you want to avoid getting drilled with Diane’s Dremel, don’t try to feed the Frisian horse. You’ll see!

In Fantasy Facts, John Treadaway casts his experienced eye over the latest offerings in the genre miniatures world, this month featuring a host of sci-fi and some, err… creatures!

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only board… Brad Harmer takes a walk on the dark side as he explores 40K spin-offs with no need for miniatures.

In his Send three and fourpence column, Conrad Kinch presents a special this month – “King of the Chamla Constabulary”, a scenario for The Sword and the Flame.

Of course we have our Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal; our regular review slot Recce; and finally, our competition this month features a whopping £75 prize of a War of the Spanish Succession starter box from Baccus.

And the monster Salute 2016 show guide is packed with enthusiastic articles:

After a welcome from the South London Warlords’ Club President and Membership Secretary Mac, there’s a piece by West Wind Productions about how they produced this year’s show miniature, the ‘Steampunk Mam’selle’.

This is followed by an article by master brushman Kevin Dallimore showing precisely how he painted two versions of this stunning figure.

Then we have a clutch of articles based on the theme of this year’s show – Steampunk. The first, by Sarwat Chadda, introduces the concepts and describes the joy of Steampunk for the newcomer, including its many manifestations in literature and fashion. Then Alan Patrick offers an overview of the variety of Steampunk/Victorian Sci-Fi land battle rules currently available to gamers. In the third article on the theme, John Treadaway explains what first drew him into the intriguing worlds of Steampunk, a path which led him to create some award-winning games based on his favourite ruleset. And finally, we hear cries of “Help! Help! It’s the Hooded Claw!” A four-player game of In Her Majesty’s Service (IHMS), is being organised by Philip Andrews, in which he will be controlling the Cult of the Hooded Claw as umpire. He apologises in advance for the outrageous accents!

We also hear from Phil Portway, who has vivid memories of the famous Gun Run at The Royal Tournament, and his team has collaborated to come up with a game to recreate its challenge and excitement.

Next, Ivan Congreve describes the epic planning and building of the stunning set for the Star Trek game, “Savage Dove, Star Date 5894.44”.

Joel, Paul, Lawrence, Alan and Neil of the South London Warlords have created an extraordinary sci-fi game to demonstrate the appeal of Warhammer 30K. (Yes, thirty thousand!)

And finally, John Treadaway of the South London Warlords – and this very magazine – outlines the history of the biggest one-day wargames show in the world.

Of course, the show guide also has essential information:

A full list of all the games to be found at the show, including the names of who’s running them and where they are

A useful double-page spread map of the hall in the ExCel centre to help you find everything on the day

A list of all the traders and their stand numbers

All rounded out with a glorious selection of stunning photos of last year’s painting competition winners

Wow! See you there on April 16th!

The front cover shows Lady Felicity and Lord Edward Ronan Carr confronting Akhenaten and a mummified priest – an In Her Majesty’s Name scene in a ruined chapel. 28mm North Star miniatures, beautifully painted and photographed by Kevin Dallimore.

Publication date is Thursday 24th March.

Roll ‘em high!

Miniature Wargames

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