7 Mar 2016

Barmaley Fountain by Pithead Miniatures

Barmaley Fountain 1

The Barmaley Fountain is an informal name of a fountain in the city of Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad). Its official name is Children's Khorovod. The statue is of a circle of six children dancing around a crocodile. While the original fountain was removed in the 1950s, two replicas were installed in 2013.

Barmaley Fountain 2

Barmaley Fountain by Pithead Miniatures

"Probably the most iconic scene of the battle . Six children dressed as young pioneers dance around a crocodile while behind them the shattered ruins of Stalingrad are on fire. The famous Stalingrad fountain a symbol of defiance during the most crucial battle of the war"

The base is cast in   resin and figures are in metal ,approximately 120mm in diameter

Pithead Miniatures

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