8 Jul 2015

Upcoming WWII vehicles from Pendraken

We've had a couple of packages of new vehicles arrive from two of the designers, so I got some quick pics of them before they get re-packaged and sent off for low-temp moulding.  There are 5 new vehicles in this lot, some filling a couple of gaps and some starting new areas for us... so let's have a look!

The Fiat 508CM was the military version of the regular Fiat 508 and was extensively used by the Italian army during the war, with around 6000 being made in total including several hundred for the Wehrmacht.  With it's use in both Europe and Africa, this model is going to prove handy for all manner of WWII games.  We've got this in both top-up and top-down versions:

Next up is something a little different, as we branch out into the Polish!  First we've got the wz.29 armoured car (also known as Ursus), which was built on a 2-ton truck chassis.  Armament was provided by several machine guns, two of them in the sides of the turret (although one was removed in the mid-30's) and one in the rear of the hull, plus a 37mm gun in the front of the turret.  We'll be providing a couple of separate MG's for people to choose whether they want the 3-gun or 2-gun turret.  Only a dozen or so were ever produced, but they made it into WWII and it's also a cool looking bit of kit!

The second of these Polish additions is the wz.34 armoured car, this one smaller and less armed than it's predecessor.  Whilst produced in slightly higher numbers, it hadn't survived much by the outbreak of WWII and was only used in a few recon units.

We're moving onto the French next, with the Laffly S15R, one of the many S15 versions used during the war.  This particular model was the recon and personnel carrier, and we'll likely use this as a base for converting to some of the other versions.

And finally we've got a bit of a hybrid vehicle that originally started life as the Unic P107, a popular halftrack used by the French (and already featured in the Pendraken catalogue).  However, the Germans captured several hundred of them and Alfred Becker (he of 21st Pz Div fame) decided to convert them into a variety of APC's, designated U304(f).  Whilst our model is the basic conversion, it could also be upgraded with the addition of a couple of MG's.

And here they all are lined up to give an idea of size:

And finally, Dave's been slapping some paint on some upcoming releases, so I promised I'd pop up a taster pic...

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