29 Apr 2015

Recon Helixes Released by Spartan Games

It’s time for Firestorm Planetfall commanders to bolster their armies as we make Recon Helixes available to every major force. We’re also giving you the chance to pick up even more infantry with the new Light Infantry Upgrade boxed sets. Admirals will also need to keep their wits about them as new boxed sets for the Hawker Industries and Works Raptor are introduced to Firestorm Armada.

Dindrenzi Federation Recon Helix

Dindrenzi Federation Light Infantry Upgrade

Terran Alliance Recon Helix

Terran Alliance Light Infantry Upgrade

Aquan Prime Recon Helix

Aquan Prime Light Infantry Upgrade

Sorylian Collective Recon Helix

Sorylian Collective Light Infantry Upgrade

The Directorate Recon Helix

The Directorate Light Infantry Upgrade

The Relthoza Recon Helix

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