21 Oct 2013

Attaching Flags to Infantry Command Units

Cut out one flag from a flag sheet.

Fold the flag over and make sure the edges line up properly

Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the folded flag, and then slide the flag down the flagpole. Once you are happy with the placement of the flag on the pole, go ahead and pinch down on the flag to seal it around the pole.

After an hour of drying the glue will be set and the flag will have a harder texture. Bend the flag ends to give the illusion of wind. You can also hold a lighter near the flag to give it a worn and tattered look.

And that's it!
Equipping your army with flags is an easy and quick way to enhance your gaming experience and make your models shine on the tabletop. It also allows you to get creative and build unique units and help differentiate between all the different elements of your army.

A Federal division with flags held high, desperately cling to control of the high ground.

Gordon & Hague

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