19 Oct 2013

Gordon & Hague Miniatures

Gordon & Hague Miniatures


Hi and welcome! I created this company because I wanted to provide a line of wargaming miniatures that were playable right out of the box; so that veteran wargamers and beginners alike can get started quickly in the hobby while spending a lot less time modeling and painting. I began wargaming in my early teens and was heavily involved in the hobby until I reached my Junior year of college. It was then that my workload picked up, I joined a few sports teams and started reenacting the Civil War. I found it difficult to continue wargaming and modeling so I put the hobby on hold for 7 years. In November of 2009 I began thinking about my exit from wargaming. As I talked to fellow gamers, I got the impression that I wasn't alone in my decision to give up the hobby due to lack of free time and ever increasing responsibilities. It was at this point that I set out to produce a line of historical miniatures that would be pre painted and ready to game with right out the box.

Our First product is Severed Union 1861-1865: An American Civil Wargame. The miniatures are 10mm scale and require no assembly or painting; they are ready for the battlefield right out of their blister packs. The line is supported by a first edition rulebook that is free to download off of this site. If you are experienced with other rule-sets, we more than welcome you to use them with our miniatures if they are compatible. Our objective is to provide a line of miniatures that allow gamers quick and easy access to the wargaming hobby with minimal prep time. We also hope to provide a quick way for veteran gamers to transition into other genres and time periods without having to spend months modeling a new army.

In the future we plan to add many more units to our initial offering of "Severed Union" units such as artillery limbers, veteran units and specialty zouave units. We also have plans to branch out into other genres such as WW1, the American Revolution, and the Anglo-Zulu Wars. Thanks for visiting the site and happy gaming!

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