31 Jan 2017

Update End Of January 2017 from Black Gate Miniatures

Update end of January 2017 - Sculpting complete!

We have reached an important milestone in the journey.

All 22 miniatures for phase 1 have been sculpted. I have 11 with me and the rest have been paid for and are in transit.

Next is the production stage. I am planning to break the back of the production in February and we should hopefully be in good shape come the beginning of March.

Pictures of the rest of the models are below. Extreme close ups on small models don't do them justice, these guys are going to be great on the table.

Armoured Ogre Warriors

Armoured Ogre Warriors 

more Armoured Ogre Warriors

more Armoured Ogre Warriors 



Thanks for all the support I have had on the journey so far.

Ogres smash!


Black Gate Miniatures

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