6 Sept 2016

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes by The Phalanx Consortium

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes by The Phalanx Consortium

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes is a line of multi-scale Sci-Fi buildings and accessories for use with 6 and 10mm game systems.

The models in this campaign grew out of our work with Collins Epic Wargames in support of the Polyversal rule system that was in its early stages of development back in 2013.   We purposefully set out to design models that took a different approach to the way small scale scenery was conceived.  The major consideration in these designs is that we wanted to present a true metropolis in miniature.  What always seemed to be missing on small scale tables was that sense of proportion between the miniatures and the terrain, especially the buildings around them.  Mechs towered over "skyscrapers" and city canyons were merely shallow ditches. Therefore, we set about designing the first five of these structures included here as part of the core goal in this campaign.  We took our prototypes and even a production cast out to the conventions we attended so we could get the feedback from those in the community we would meet.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive and critiques helped us come up with additional designs. The Tech Centre has now been added to the initial core group, to help create that variety in size you see in all major metropolitan areas around the globe.  Now we bring this project to you the community at large and ask for your support to bring these buildings to a tabletop near you.

Where we can take things from here all depends on the support we receive from those of you in the 6 to 10mm Sci-Fi Gaming communities. We have other designs waiting in the wings that we are looking forward to being able to unveil as Stretch Goals as the campaign progresses. Whether you are ready to start playing Polyversal from Collins Epic Wargames or you already play games like "Dropzone Commander" Link no longer working, "CAV: Strike Operations", "Battletech", "Robotech RPG Tactics", or any other small scaled Sci Fi game system out there, this campaign offers some awesome terrain to make your tabletop experience even grander.

We have worked with these primary designs now for quite sometime. We have prototyped 4 of the original 5(see inset images below) to make sure our design concepts would translate the way we had envisioned. We have even taken one of the models all the way to production (see inset image below) to prove the viability of the material we wanted to use in production. If funded we will be able to print higher resolution masters of each model and get them into molds for production, so they can take there place on your table.

We start out with a goal, but hopefully we will be able to do even more!  Given the nature of this Kickstarter we will post a value to each goal that you may apply your pledge funds toward if you are interested in a particular Stretch Goal that may be unlocked.  

The Phalanx Consortium

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