11 Apr 2016

Centurion ARV Now Available from Pendraken Miniatures

And our final release before we hit Salute is a special one just for fsn (and the rest of you I suppose!), with the Centurion ARV now on the website and ready to drag your broken armour to safety!

Modern Vehicles

MDV30    Centurion ARV     £5.00

MDV30 Centurion ARV

And for those who like their Cent's a little bigger and bridge-ier, we'll have the bridgelayer version ready sometime towards the end of the month hopefully.

And that's it, over 100 new releases this week should keep everyone happy for a little while at least!  We'll have more new goodies after Salute, with the Romans/Gauls and new Nap Prussians next on the list.

Pendraken Miniatures

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