13 Jan 2016

Pendraken Miniatures, New Generals and Dragoons for League of Augsburg

Finally got the chance to finish these figures over Christmas, though they over ran quite considerably. This covers all the essentials of the LoA range now, but there'll continue to be additions, for instance there'll be dragoon horse holders etc (please don't ask what's next, because I haven't decided yet).

So this batch has as many mounted officers and generals as an army will ever need, plus a couple of dismounted figures for good measure. And the basics of French and Alliance dragoons, though there is some stuff to add like horse holders and Alliance dragoons in fur hats (probably just covert the greens once this batch has been cast). Its a bit hard to make out the dragoons in the photos as most hold their muskets by their sides, but the intention is to demonstrate these are not cavalry for mounted action (except in desperate circumstances). Keen eyes may spot they are on new smaller horses, its not a massive difference, but one I wanted to reflect.

French Dragoons

Allied Dragoons

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