Battle Reports And Scenarios

Battle Reports And Scenarios

This is where I intend to put my Battle Reports And Scenarios from the Operations Room. The Operations Room is a 20 foot by 10 foot shed in my back garden in which I have a 10 foot by 5 foot wargames table.

I have numerous projects on the go but unfortunately not enough to hold a war game as of yet. I also have a fair amount of terrain which continues to grow. At present I manage to play every Monday night at the Grimsby Wargames Society and occasional weekends.

At some time in the future I intend to opening the Operations Room to the Wargaming world for a full day of wargaming, I will supply the figures, rules, terrain, dice, etc. I'll also provide plenty of tea and coffee, all you'll need to bring would be a packed lunch.
  1. Caesars Gallic War Battle Reports & Scenarios
  2. French Indian War (FIW) Battle Reports & Scenarios
  3. American War of Independence (AWI) Battle Reports & Scenarios
  4. American Civil War (ACW) Battle Reports & Scenarios
  5. Anglo Zulu War (AZW) Battle Reports & Scenarios
  6. World War I (WWI) Battle Reports & Scenarios
  7. World War II (WWII) Battle Reports & Scenarios

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