13 Apr 2018

Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games


Great Escape Games was formed in 2005 from a desire to play with our large collections of 28mm World War Two miniatures.  There were three of us to start with: Mark, Stuart and Chris.  We all had lots of miniatures and had all previously worked at Games Workshop together.

We started work on Rules of Engagement a long time ago.  So long ago in fact we didn't even know we were creating a set of rules.  Our desire came from being unhappy with the selection of rules systems available at the time.  There were plenty of sets out there, just none that we thought met all our requirements.  We wanted a set of rules that were fun to play, represented combat during World War Two and beyond, weren't overly complicated or over burdened with tables and reference materials, and that we could play in an evening with our already huge collections of miniatures.

So that's how Rules of Engagement started to be created.  We had tinkered with and adjusted all the sets we already had and had a set of "house rules" which we played amongst the three original members of Great Escape Games.  We all loved the rules and felt that they had something to offer the wider gaming community.  And so the rules developed in to something far bigger than we ever really planned them to be at the start, but now years later we still love playing the game as much now as we did back in the day.

Since RoE was released we have added additional source books covering the Eastern Front, a Campaign system and a book full of tanks.  We have released two downloadable PDF based scenario products.  As well as this we have released a large number of free downloadable orders of battle to allow gamers to play with forces not currently featured in any of our publications.

Our latest release has taken us in to a new area completely, Clash of Empires was released in 2011.  We had played with several Ancient wargaming rules but found there were lots of areas we didn't like, as with our experience gaming WW2, so Clash of Empires (CoE) our own Ancients rules were born.  Since then we have released two source books, "The Rise and Fall of Persia" and "Age of Ravens".  We have uploaded a large number of free army lists in the same way we did for RoE to allow gamers to get to grips with each other without having to wait for the relevant book to be released.

We have more publications and other products planned for both Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires in the very near future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope you every success on the miniature battlefield in the future and hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we do.

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