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Zvezda LLC is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated scale models and board games in Russia since 1990.

We strive to attract interest in modeling and board games, as a fascinating family hobby, strengthening friendship, trust and understanding between children and their parents.

We are proud that the products of the Star stimulates our customer to expand their horizons, increase their intellectual level, to organise a diverse cultural leisure, especially among the younger generation. It fosters pride in our national history, develops an interest in the military history of foreign countries, causes admiration for the uniqueness and elegance of products of the modern military-industrial complex of Russia.

In our best traditions, for almost three decades, we have been producing actual models and interesting high-quality board games at a reasonable price, which people of all ages around the world are happy with.

The company was founded by a group of model enthusiasts in 1990, headed by Konstantin Krivenko, who set about trying to turn their hobby into a profession and launch such a product that they themselves lacked at that time. In 1993, the Star company won an investment competition and received a production base in the form of the Lobnensky plastic toy factory. A complete modernisation of equipment was carried out at the factory, a new production building was erected. It is here that the main production facilities of the enterprise are now located, which allow constantly expanding and improving the product range.

Over the years, the Star company has been transformed from a small private enterprise into the largest manufacturer of prefabricated models and board games in Russia.

More than 270 employees today in our work collective, many of them work from the moment of its formation. We successfully master overseas markets and since 1994 we have been one of the largest Russian exporters in the industry of children's toys. The star has been a regular participant of the largest international exhibitions such as Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg (Germany), NewYorkToyFair (USA), Spiel in Essen (Germany), and more. For 25 years, the company's products are competitive not only in the domestic market, but also abroad - in Europe , USA, China. Our products are represented not only in all regions of Russia, but also in more than 80 countries of the world.

Under the trademark "Star" produced more than 500 product items, and its range is constantly expanding. We manufacture prefabricated scale models of civil and military equipment (air and navy, tanks and armoured vehicles, vehicles and artillery), cavalry and infantry units, covering many countries, historical eras from antiquity to the present.

We transmit the maximum reliability of the models, while maintaining their detail. All this was made possible thanks to cooperation with leading Russian and foreign design bureaus, such as the Sukhoi Design Bureau, RSK MiG, Uralvagonzavod, GAZ, Boeing, Airbus, etc.

In 2010, a whole series of prefabricated models were created, which are assembled without using glue. Their range is diverse, and historical accuracy was confirmed by military historians and professional journals in the field of military technology and modeling. All models of this series can be easily assembled and introduced into the specially developed Art of Tactic gaming system.

In our assortment there is a special line of glue-free assembly for young, beginner modellers.

The star successfully collaborates with The Walt Disney Company, Lucas Films (the legendary Star Wars Star Wars franchise).

Together with Wargaming Group, we launched a line of warships of the Second World War period under the World of Warships trademark. The series has gained popularity not only among Russian modellers and gamers. Already in early 2016, ships of this series sailed for export to Japan, where they continue to successfully explore the Asian market.

Since 2000, we have been successfully developing the direction of board games for the whole family. Our company not only produces games under the licenses of domestic and foreign authors, but also deals with its own developments, covering the full cycle - from game mechanics to the release of the final product. Today, our range includes more than 100 titles of educational and educational board games, many of which have been translated into English, German and French and are successfully sold abroad.

We cooperate with leading Russian animation studios, releasing entertaining and educational games with heroes of famous and favourite cartoons, such as Smeshariki, Fixiki, Mi-Mi-Mishka, Prostokvashino, Arkady Parovozov, etc.

Constantly searching for new, up-to-date technologies, we integrate our creative abilities into production potential in order to create a product that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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