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Useful Wargaming Manufacturers

Useful Wargaming Manufacturers

Here is a list of useful wargaming manufacturers links,  if you know of any other links which you think should be included then by all means use the comment form below.

1/144 Tank, Facebook Page, eBay
We design, produce and sell 1/144 scale models.

10mm Fantasy Miniatures, Facebook Page
Fantasy miniatures, 10mm miniatures, wargames, Ogre army, Orc, Goblin, Elf.

4Ground LtdFacebook Page
Wargames model buildings and Accessories. 10mm Jesserai Sci Fi. Furniture and Belongings. Basing and Gaming Aids. Unpainted Terrain.

Having been asked to produce Ancients in 1/300th a fair bit over the years we have finally decided to do an Ancient range but to go up to 10mm.

Anigrand Craftswork
Anigrand Craftswork is a manufacturer of quality resin model kits established in Hong Kong since 2002. We specialize in unusual, experimental, and conceptual aircraft and spacecraft. Most of these subjects have never been kitted before and today can only be found under the Anigrand brand name.

ARK Model, Facebook Page
Russian company producing 1/44 Scale model aircrafts kits

Armory Models GroupFacebook Page
1/144 Scale Model Kits & Accessories Manufacturer & Trader.

Arrowhead Miniatures, Facebook Page
Arrowhead Miniatures was founded in 2013 after deciding to alter the company name from Wargames South as there was an American company of the same name. The old product list from Wargames South including the figure range has now been withdrawn and replaced with new product. 1:144th scale white metal kits of WWI and WWII vehicles with small range of figures and landing craft too.

Aster Wargame, No longer available
Aster Wargame have sold all of the TB Line to Pendraken Miniatures.

Aurora ModelFacebook Page
1/144 - 1/150 Scale Japanese civilians, N Gauge, Height about 12mm
HT-001 The People in the Edo period Set A
HT-002 The People in the Edo period Set B

Battlescale Wargame BuildingsFacebook Page
Hand Sculpted 10mm Wargame Buildings by Steve Clay. Battlescsale products are now available at The Wargaming Company in North America

Bend Sinister
Bend Sinister is my project. It's primarily a vehicle site for the Redline 10mm Napoleonic range, but there are also sections on 12mm WWII and some other bits and bobs I've collected over the years.

Black Gate Miniatures, Facebook Page
10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures.

Blaze Away Miniatures, No longer available
10mm great range of ACW figures. Our ranges are now with Lancashire Games.

Bra.Z ModelsFacebook Page
1/44 Scale model aircrafts kits, conversions and accessories. 3D CAD custom design.

Brengun/HaulerFacebook Page
Produces high quality 1/144 airplanes kits.

Blotz, MDF Terrain and Accessories, Facebook Page
10mm MDF Buildings

Brigade ModelsBlogFacebook Page
Small selection of 10mm Sci Fi buildings

Buildings in TurmoilFacebook Page
John Mayer of Buildings in Turmoil have a few impressive buildings for the American Civil War in 10mm.

Butlers Printed ModelsBlog
Everything 3D printed to order - so everything is always available, we don't run out of stock!, 6 mm (1/285), 12 mm (1/144), 15 mm (1/100), 20 mm (1/76) and 28 mm (1/56) but most models are available in any scale so just ask if you want something a different size.

Capitan Games LtdFacebook Page
10mm Napoleonic Ships, guns and crew, 10mm Galleys and crew.

Castle ArtsFacebook Page
Makers of 10mm samurai figures and buildings.

Combat Group DynamixFacebook Page
Top Quality 1:144 Garage Kits, State of the Art 3D Printed Wargame Armoured Vehicles, Wargame Accessories, Individually Hand Casted and Hand Painted Dioramas, Designed and Manufactured in Hong Kong.

Copplestone CastingsFacebook Page
Fantasy range, with some usable ancients, 10mm figures. Our ranges are now with North Star Military Figures Ltd.

Dark Fields Factory
10mm Fantasy miniatures

Dragon ModelsFacebook Page Twitter
1/144 Warbirds
1/144 Panzer Korps

Cracker Line Miniatures
Great range of ACW figures and a range of buildings  which are suitable for FIW, AWI and ACW. See Good Ground LLC.

Eleven Tree DesignseBayFacebook Page
High Detailed 10mm Building MDF Kits.

Empires at WarFacebook Page
A small Range of 10mm Sci-Fi buildings.

Escenografia Epsilon, BlogFacebook Page
10mm buildings from Escenografia Epsilon! our also sold at Pendraken.

Eureka MiniaturesBlogFacebook Page
Their own 10mm fantasy range plus Irregular Miniatures 10/12mm and 6mm ancients to medieval.

F-Toys  Also Available from Diecast Model AircraftFacebook Page
F-toys plastic 1:144 scale wargaming aircraft and collectible airplanes are made exclusively for the Japanese market. Supplies are very limited. Please order your favorites today!.

Fieldworks, No longer active
Fieldworks is a small operation (2 person) making war games Terrain, mainly ruined damaged buildings. We produce these items in four scales; 10/12mm & 15mm,. Most with removable roof and floors. They have sold all their moulds to The Scene UK

Fogg of War Miniatures
Reiver Castings are the stockists of a new range of 10mm figures sculpted by Pete Foggin.
Japanese Samurai
Chinese Warring States – Eastern & Western Armies

Future releases will be Early Germans, Late Medieval/Renaissance Swiss, 1914 WWI French & 1914 WWI Germans.

Fox One
1/144  airplanes kits.

Flashing Blade
10mm Napoleonic Range - this covers the 1815 Waterloo period, we currently have British, French and Brunswick figures, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Our ranges are now with Bend Sinister

Game Craft MiniaturesFacebook Page
10mm Buildings & Scenery.

Games Workshop
A 10mm fantasy range, not sure they are still available.

GHQ ModelsFacebook Page
Since 1967 our goal has been to produce the highest quality wargame products in the world. In that time we have built one of the largest collections of military models found anywhere, and they are all available direct from GHQ to you.

10mm Napoleonic N-Scale Figures
10mm American Civil War N-Scale Figures
N Scale Model Railroad Miniatures.

Good Ground LLC
Good Ground is the owner of Cracker Line and Plank Road Miniatures, Between the Lines Models and B Company Magnetic Bases. Cracker Line 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Western Theatre. Plank Road 10mm Miniatures cover the ACW Eastern Theatre.

Gordon & Hague, Facebook Page, No longer active
Gordon & Hague Historical Wargames, recently released a line of 10mm, pre-painted American Civil War miniatures along with free PDF rules. They have stopped producing 10mm.

Great Escape Games, Facebook Page
Are producing WWI 12mm scale miniatures.

Green Stuff Industries, BlogFacebook Page, YouTube
GSI strives to produce not only the best engineered hobby tools possible, but also provide a fine selection of many excellent gaming and hobby products from around the world.  They balance detail and cost quite well, yet still provide unique 10mm products like templates, scenery, and outstanding hobby tools & supplies.

Hawk Wargames, Facebook Page
10mm scale sci-fi massed battle game, Dropzone Commander. TTCombat now own Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

Heroes ModelsFacebook Page
We specialize in 1/144 and 1/72 scale with some raids in the eggplane world, we do not follow a “production” logic or try to beat the competitors.

Hinchliffe ModelsFacebook Page
Have a small amount of 10mm.

10mm ACW
10mm Hundred Years War

Hinds Figures LtdFacebook Page

Roman Era
Ecw & 30yw
7yw & Awi
Acw & Old West
Colonial & 19th Century
WW2 To Date

HistoriFigs, Blog
The historical miniatures production company producing the classic Jack Scruby line of historical miniature figurines. HistoriFigs was founded in January of 2003. Our goal is to continue the fine tradition started by Jack Scruby in 1957 and to carry this historic line of figures forward into the 21st century.

Ancients (Egypt, Assyria, Macedonia, Persia, Greece, Carthage, Gauls, Franks, Romans)
30 Years War
Seven Years War
American Revolution
American Civil War
19th Century (The Nile River War of 1884 and 1896)
World War II (American, German, British, including vehicles)

Small selection of 10mm buildings.

Hydra Miniatures, BlogFacebook Page
The Leader in Retro Sci-Fi,  Atomic Tank Miniatures.

Hysterical Games,
A range of 10mm fantasy figures. War Banner are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a War Banner with Hysterical Games.

Impudent MortalFacebook Page, Twitter
Impudent Mortal manufactures high quality laser cut MDF Terrain and Gaming Accessories for tabletop wargaming that looks great and is affordable.

Irregular MiniaturesFacebook Page

Punic Wars
Rome & Enemies
Dark Ages
Medieval Range
English Civil War/30 Years War
Eastern Renaissance
18th Century
American Civil War
Franco Prussian war
Plains Indians
World War 1
World War 2
Scenics and Accessories

Jerry's Hobby Junction, No longer active
Manufacturer of Rustic miniature Early American Structures for your Model Railroad Layouts. Our products are hand-cast resin. Most are one piece - HO Scale Structures.

JR Miniatures, Facebook Page No longer active
The company has terrain and buildings for historical, fantasy and science fiction games ranging in scale from 6mm(1:285) to 28mm and offers over 700 items to choose from. The company's mission is to provide quality gaming accessories at a price that works with most budgets. These are also sold by Magister Militum.

Junkyard Miniatures, eBay, Facebook Page
Junkyard Miniatures is an upcoming cottage industry business with creating unique, high quality and affordable miniatures as its core philosophy.

Kallistra, BlogFacebook Page
Kallistra specialises in the design, development and production of wargames miniatures, terrain, rule systems and wargaming accessories. All our metal miniatures are cast to the highest standards using lead free pewter. We supply wargaming products world wide to the discerning wargamer and collector.

The Great War - WW1 Early War
The Great War - WW1 Late War
American War of Independence
American Civil War
Hordes & Heroes Historical
Hordes & Heroes Fantasy

Kerr & King
Welcome to the Kerr & King website. Over the past couple of years we have worked tirelessly, thinking about it maybe 'endlessly' is a better word, to bring you the very best cast resin product that we can at prices that offer good value for money. They have a small range of 10mm buildings.

Kore Thinking
10mm VTOL, prototypes only at the moment

Kovozavody ProstejovFacebook Page
1/44 aircraft

Lancashire Games, Blog
Now sell Blaze Away Miniatures 10mm great range of ACW figures

Lancer Miniatures, eBayFacebook Page
10mm Napoleonic,  French, Austrian and Russians pre 1809
American War of Independence, ECW.
Now sell Shell Hole Scenics 10mm WWII

Langley ModelsFacebook PageFacebook Page
N gauge.
OldHammer Miniatures and Wargaming.

Langton Miniatures
10mm ACW Figures, Buildings, Naval models have been sold to Good Ground LLC.

Laran Miniatures
10mm Fantasy Figures.

Laser Craft ArtFacebook Page
We make laser cut MDF model buildings kits in 10mm, 15mm and 28mm scales,. MDF figure bases for wargames and craft shapes for craft hobbies.

Laser Terrain CoFacebook Page
Each piece is laser cut to produce a unique, immersive environment for tabletop gaming. The modular nature of this system allows for a large range of configurations and we will be launching more pieces to expand the layout options further.

10mm Road System

Last Man Last Bullet
Manufacturer of highly detailed battlefield defences and fortifications. Including;
Cupolas & Cloches,
Antitank obstacles,
Road barriers and

Little Wars Miniatures

LZ Accessories,  Facebook Page
Cradle City Modular City Map suitable for Dropzone Commander.

Magister MilitumFacebook Page
Our detailed and comprehensive 10mm miniature ranges are mostly produced by Magister Militum in our premises in Salisbury. We also stock the GHQ Models 10mm figure ranges for ACW and Napoleonic eras and some trucks from the 10mm Perrin range. 10mm figures are roughly 1:160 scale, they should stand about 10mm tall foot to eye (there has been a small amount of scale creep and our ranges tend to be between 10.5mm to 11mm foot to eye.

Dark Ages
French Revolutionary
Franco Prussian War
American Civil War
Crimean War
Zulu War
First World War (WW1)
Second World War (WW2)
Pre-historic (Dinosaurs and other extinct marine and land based creatures)

Manoeuvre Group, Facebook Page
Manoeuvre Group are pleased to announce a new departure into 1:144 scale card terrain (But they will work with N Gauge and 10/12mm models). In our quest to expand our wargaming experience recently we wanted to fight battle over more open terrain.

Mick's Metal Models
Mick’s Metal Models is a site devoted to gaming and modelling. With our huge range (over 2,500 items!) we bring you quality products from some great manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Napoleonic or Fantasy, World War Two or Babylonian straddle cars, at Mick’s Metal Models we’re sure to have something to please you.

Alexandrian army
Gallic army
Indian army
Parthian army
Norman army
Ligurian army
Ancient British army
Hoplite City State army
Theban Style army
Later Hoplite army
Augustan/Tiberian army
Claudius to Commodus army
Republican Roman army
Marian/Caesarian (with Western allies) army
Viking army
Late Saxon (Hastings etc.) army
Early Saxon (conquest) army
Carthaginian army deal
American Civil War
Franco Prussian War
Zulu War
Crimean War

Minairons MiniaturesBlogFacebook
1/44 scale fast assembly, quality miniatures for wargaming and collecting generally in hard plastic, but also in resin.

Miniature FigurinesFacebook Page
Miniature Figurines & Matchlock Miniatures MiniFigs 10mm/12mm. Now part of Caliver Books we have more stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the planet!, English Civil War, American Civil War,, World War One, Spanish Civil War, World War Two, Modern, Resin Buildings, (Ex-Wargames South)

English Civil War
American Civil War
World War One
Spanish Civil War
World War Two
Resin Buildings
Infantry (Ex-Wargames South)
Science Fiction

Minicraft Model KitsFacebook Page
For over 40 years, Minecraft's mission has been to develop quality model kits at value prices. That tradition continues with our newest product releases. Model kits include the Titanic, military and commercial 1/144 Scale airplanes, model cars.

MiniwingFacebook Page
We are producer of small scale (1/144) plastic and resin kits.

MJ Figures
10mm ACW.

Najewitz Modellbau
Roman Gatehouse
Roman Houses

Model Buildings 2010, No longer active, eBay
Here at Model Buildings 2010, we specialise in a wide range of War Gaming Designs from 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 28mm. We manufacture these to an exceptionally high standard using plaster.

Newline DesignsFacebook Page
Manufacturers of white metal from 10mm to 25mm collectable miniatures covering over four different periods, including, but not limited to Ancient and Napoleonic.

Napoleonic Naval
Trojan wars
Early Imperial Romans
Polybian Romans
Zulu Wars

North StarFacebook Page
Sell 144 figures and aircraft.

North Star Military Figures LtdFacebook Page
Now sell Copplestone Castings fantasy range, with some usable ancients, 10mm figures.

Obelisk Miniatures
Here you find miniature ranges which offer interesting new items to the gamer as well as to the collector and diorama artist.


Old Glory co.uk, Blog
Old Glory Miniatures UK Collectable Miniature Figures and Historical Military Figurines manufactured in Pewter by Old Glory 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 28mm, 40mm, Historical Figures.

American Civil War
American War of Independence
Biblical and Chariot Wars
English Civil War
High Medieval and Early Renaissance 1400
Imperial Rome
Standards and Banners
Texan War of Independence
The Seven Years War

Old Glory 25sFacebook

10mm Buildings
American Civil War & Equipment
American War of Independence
Ancient Biblical Chariot Wars
Ancients to Medieval Siege Equipment
Caesars Gallic Wars
Colonial - Zulu Wars
Dark Ages
English Civil War
French Foreign Legion
High Medieval and Early Renaissance 1400 - 1500
Imperial Rome & Her Enemies
Late Rome & Her Enemies
Macedonian & Punic Wars
Marlburian Range
Seven Years War
Texas War of Independence

Old Glory Com, Facebook Page

10mm Buildings
American Civil War & Equipment
American War of Independence
Ancient Biblical Chariot Wars
Ancients to Medieval Siege Equipment
Caesars Gallic Wars
Colonial - Zulu Wars
Dark Ages
English Civil War
French Foreign Legion
High Medieval and Early Renaissance 1400 - 1500
Imperial Rome & Her Enemies
Late Rome & Her Enemies
Macedonian & Punic Wars
Marlburian Range
Seven Years War
Texas War of Independence

Olympian Games, Facebook Page
Stock TimeCast and also do custom bases and game aids.

Onslaught MiniaturesFacebook Page
Onslaught Miniatures is a small, one person operation based out of Melbourne, Florida in the USA.  It has been a life-long goal of mine to produce a line of war-game miniatures, and after many long, late-night hours, this goal is finally being realized.

1/144 Aircraft

P.G. Models, Blog
These 'N' gauge pewter models are made to exactly 2mm:1ft (1/152nd). They are designed to compliment both 1/144th scale Aircraft models and 'N' gauge model Railways (1/148th in the UK. The models are of vehicles used by the British Army and Royal Air Force (and some by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines) from the 1950s to the present.

Panzer DepotFacebook Page
1/144 Ready Assembled Model AFVs.

PavlamodelsFacebook Page
U144-01  RAF ground equipment set WWII part I.

Pegasus HobbiesFacebook PageFacebook Page
Pegasus Hobbies is the largest hobby store in Southern California, located in Montclair, Ca.  Our store is over 20 thousand feet with all your hobby or school project needs.  We look forward in seeing you. Pegasus Hobbies is the largest hobby store in Southern California, located in Montclair, Ca.  Our store is over 20 thousand feet with all your hobby or school project needs.

Paper TerrainFacebook Page
We produce a range of paper structures in a variety of scales and periods. They are printed on a heavy cardstock and are ready for immediate assembly and use. Our structures are a sturdy, lightweight, economical and attractive alternative to resin.

Pendraken MiniaturesFacebook Page
Pendraken Miniatures are the leading 10mm manufacturer in the UK, with over 3500 products spread across over 200 ranges. Based in Middlesbrough, UK, they can often be seen on the show circuit, attending 20 shows across the UK and Europe. Leon Pengilley also runs Minibits which was founded in 2010, and started life with the aim of providing all those little bits and pieces you need to get your figures onto the table. From MDF bases and Vallejo paints, through to 1-94 decals and Crossover Miniatures, there's something there for everyone!.

Dark Ages
English Civil War
League of Augsburg
War of Spanish Succession
Seven Years War
American War of Independence
American Civil War
European Late 19th Century
Colonial Wars
World War I
Spanish Civil War
World War II
Science Fiction
Resin scenics

Pendraken Miniatures are excited to announce that we've recently purchased the rights to all of the TB Line 10mm ranges, previously owned by Aster Wargame (No longer available) in Italy.

Republican Romans
Middle Age Europe
Middle Age Eastern Europe
Middle Ages Islam

Pithead Miniatures Old site, Pithead Miniatures New site,
"Pithead specialises in 10mm WW2 and produce the largest range for this period making models for 16 combatant nations. Pithead currently  has the  fastest growing  and most comprehensive range of models for WW2 having expanded our product list significantly over the last 4 years currently producing  around ten new models each month."

Plast Craft GamesFacebook Page, Twitter
We design and produce PVC Pre-Colored supplies and scenery for wargames. In Plast Craft Games you will find everything you need to build your own game table for your favorite wargames

10mm Dropzone Commander Scenery

Polar Fox Miniatures
10mm Fantasy figures and terrain.

Preiser military 1/44
Preiser figures for all the most popular scales in railway and military modelling.

Plank Road Miniatures great range of ACW figures. See Good Ground LLC for USA.

Reaper MiniaturesFacebook Page
N-Scale Mecha Combat Miniatures
Integral Bases - Most include an additional Hex Base for gameplay
Unpainted metal models that may require assembly
Huge selection of CAVs, Tanks, Artillery and Soldiers for all of your 23rd century combat needs!

Rebel MinisFacebook Page
Fantasy Mighty Armies: 10mm Armies

Red Eagle MiniaturesFacebook Page
Manufacturers of quality 1/144 WW1 aircraft, 1/1200 ships (Napoleonic to Ironclads) and 10mm Franco-Prussian War models for wargaming and display.

Revell.comFacebook PageRevell.deFacebook Page
1/144  Scale kits.

RodenFacebook Page
1/144 scale aircraft model kits.

S & M Models
1/144  scale aircraft kits.

Sally 4th Wargames TerrainFacebook Page
Precision Laser Cut Wargames Buildings and Terrain for Historical and Warhammer Wargaming.

Sayiner Micro Toys, No longer active, Facebook Page
Do a small selection of 10mm  Alien figures.

Marketplace of Makers shop unique products by our community of designers and makers who are leading the way towards mass personalization.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards
Modern 1:144 (10 or 12mm) including China, German, Nato, Soviet/Russian and UK
Sci-Fi 1:144 (10 or 12mm) including Aotrs, Cybertank, Herosine Empire, Jalyrkieon Hierarchy and Strayvian Dominion.

Shapeways, Kampfflieger Models

Shapeways, Masters of Military
A Selection of 1/44, 1/60 N Scale and 1/220 Z Scale Vehicles

Shapeways, Panzer VS Tanks
A Selection of 1/44, 1/60 N Scale Models.

Shapeways, Small Scale Shop
Small scale (1/44) models and accessories

Shell Hole ScenicsFacebook Page
Small range of 10mm World War II figures and vehicles which have now been transferred to Lancer Miniatures

WW11 figures and vehicles now available, Action 200 (1/200th scale) 1/600th Scale Galleys.

Small Model Buildings, Facebook Page
He has just recently done me some moon buggies from the old TV series space 1999 which I am extremely impressed with.

Small Terrain, No longer active
Here at Small Terrain we produce Miniature Tabletop Wargaming terrain for a range of scales from 6mm to 28mm. We hand craft pieces to order in resin , 6mm MDF  and polyester rubber with most being available either painted or unpainted.

Spartan Games, BlogFacebook PageTwitter
An exciting game of planetary conquest set in the Firestorm Galaxy with highly detailed
10mm combat models.

SpellcrowFacebook Page
Small range 10mm Fantasy.

Steve Barber ModelsFacebook Page
A huge range of detailed miniatures in 28mm / 42mm / 15mm and 10mm scales covering most of the major periods of history.

Studio Siberia
1/144 10mm Planes.

Supreme Littleness DesignsFacebook Page
The main aim of Supreme Littleness Designs is to provide tabletop gamers with laser-cut terrain-feature kits.

TAKOMFacebook Page
1/144 Takom's P1000 Landkreuzer Ratte & Maus

UK online supplier of quality, model tanks from miniature 1/144 scale for wargaming. We are the UK distributor for Panzer Depot.

Talon Games, Facebook Page
N-Scale Mecha Combat Miniatures
Integral Bases - Most include an additional Hex Base for gameplay
Unpainted metal models that may require assembly
Huge selection of CAVs, Tanks, Artillery and Soldiers for all of your 23rd century combat needs!

TB Line No longer active 
Fabio Farneti produces a range of metal 10mm Romans and Gauls. Aster Wargame (No longer available) have sold all of the TB Line to Pendraken Miniatures.

The Baggagetrain
The BaggageTrain started off as a figure painting company, and we were asked many times if we made or painted any terrain. From this our small range of resin terrain has grown from roads and rivers to 15mm Roman forts. On our way we have acquired Merbeth designs with its vast range of 6mm to 28mm terrain, building, 28mm Sci-Fi vehicles and figures ranges. Acropolis: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Figures range. Warsquad a range of 20mm WWII figures and a range of 10mm figures called “Ten High” which has a very large range of ACW figures and soon to be added; Late Romans, Gaul’s, Republican Roman with more to follow in the future.

Late Republican/Early Imperial Romans
Late Imperial Romans
The Goths
Dark Age early Medieval
10mm Late Roman Transfers

TerraForms Terrain (Link no longer working), Facebook Page
We provide a wide-ranging, versatile, durable set of resin tabletop wargame terrain for use in any modern or sci fi game setting in 10 & 12mm scales.

The Scene UK, BlogFacebook Page
10mm buildings
The Scene UK acquires Fieldworks 10mm moulds.

Thoroughbred Models
ACW 1/600 Ships, 10mm ACW Eagle Tens.

The Miniature CompanyFacebook
The Miniature Company designs, manufactures and distributes 28mm and 10mm historical wargames miniatures.

TimecastFacebook Page
Produce model buildings and terrain for wargamers, hobbyists and collectors.

Falklands War 1982
Eastern and Central European Buildings (Germany, Russia etc)
Western European Buildings (France, Belgium & Holland)
Napoleonic & Revolutionary Wars
Modern European Buildings (Cold War Era)
Southern European Buildings (Italy and Spain)
North American Buildings (ACW and AWI)
North African and Middle Eastern Buildings
Vietnam and SE Asian Buildings
Vietnam War Bunkers, defences etc
WW2 Field Defences (Foxholes, trenches etc)
Modern Industrial Buildings
Model Railway Buildings

Total Battle MiniaturesFacebook Page
Total Battle Miniatures was established to produce a comprehensive range of wargames buildings and scenics in as many periods and scales as possible. The aim is to provide you with not only the buildings for your tables but also the buildings' surroundings. To achieve this, all Total Battle Miniatures buildings conform to a base matrix, which varies according to scale and depiction. This matrix ties up with flexible scenic tiles that have recesses into which the buildings are set. To complete the effect we also produce a range of roads and other scenic tiles to give you the complete package.

Trolls Under the BridgeFacebook Page
A small collection of fantasy figures.

TrumpeterFacebook Page
1/144  scale model kits.

TTCombatFacebook Page
Now own Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

Uncertain SceneryFacebook Page
Sci Fi scenery, useful for Dropzone Commander, Planetfall, Horizon Wars and others.

1/144  scale aircraft model kits.

Van Dyck Models & FigurinesFacebook Page
At Van Dyck Models and Figurines we aim to deliver miniatures with an enhanced level of detail unseen in this scale or even on lager scales. At present we have a small range of 10mm Early Imperial Romans. And WWI Belgians and Germans.

Vanguard MiniaturesFacebook Page

10mm Fantasy Range originally from Troublemaker Games

Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici produces a wide range of transfers (decals) to complement wargames figures and vehicles.

War Banner
A range of 10mm fantasy figures.
War Banner are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a War Banner with Hysterical Games.
A brand new company built on old-school savvy, War Banner combine decades of industry experience with fresh talent to bring you innovative and entertaining games. We also make damn fine miniatures. War Banner Ltd also trades as Footsore Miniatures in the UK.

War Mage Games, BlogFacebook Page, TwitterYouTube
Our 10 mm scale building line. Designed for Dropzone Commander (DZC), Firestorm Armada
& other 10 mm systems.

Wargame-Model-Mods, eBayFacebook Page
A business dedicated to providing Buildings and essentials for any war gamer.

Wargames Designs, Blog, eBayFacebook Page
Brilliant section of flags for 10mm.

Handcrafted buildings & scenery for all scales & periods
Professionally made wargames flags covering many periods and scales

The Wargaming CompanyFacebook Page
Now offers Battlescsale products in North America.
10mm ESR Napoleonics Box Sets.

Wargames South
Wargames South becomes Arrowhead Miniatures was founded in 2013 after deciding to alter the companies name from Wargames South as there was an American company of the same name. The old product list from Wargames South including the figure range has now been withdrawn and replaced with new product.

Wargaming Miniatures
10mm American Civil War Flags
10mm Napoleonic Flags
10mm American Revolution, Sailing Ships, & War of 1812 Flags
10mm English Civil War Flags
10mm Assorted 18th-19th Century Flags
10mm British Wars in India Flags
10mm Colonial Wars Flags
10mm Crimean War Flags
10mm Mexican-American War Flags
10mm Seven Years War Flags
10mm Texas Revolution Flags

Warmonger Miniatures
The Landsknechte have arrived! Our Kickstarter finished up a couple of months ahead of schedule, so we now proudly offer our first products, Landsknecht with Zweihänder (Great Swords) and Landsknechte Pikeniere (Pikemen), up for sale to everyone!

Warrior Miniatures
Warrior miniatures handmade lead figures battle games in 10mm,15mm,20mm & 25mm scales


Waterloo Farmhouse

World Tank Museum
World Tank Museum is our name for the series of incredibly detailed 1/144 model replicas of historical tanks and armored fighting vehicles first released in Japan. The series was created by ArcLight Corporation, and the models were produced by Kaiyodo.

ZvezdaFacebook Page
1/44 aircraft