22 Feb 2010

Magister Militum

Magister Militum


Magister Militum was founded in 2002 by Richard and Zoë Clewer. Our company manufactures and imports of some of the finest wargaming figures, scenery and accessories money can buy, with over 14,000 products on our website. We truly are Giants in a World of Miniatures!

Richard has a degree in War Studies and a lifelong passion for history of almost all eras matched by an enthusiasm for wargaming and board games to be reckoned with. He researches new ranges, makes the moulds, answers historical enquiries and is half of our double act at trade shows.

We have two fantastic spin doctors, a packaging princess and Zoë spends her time mainly maintaining and improving our website, including photography of newly painted figures - a never ending job!!

We’re based in two industrial units near Salisbury in south west England. This is where we run the manufacturing and mail order part of the business, although you can see our ranges ‘in the flesh’ on the show circuit throughout the UK and parts of Europe. Check out when we are next in your area by clicking on our Trade Show link.

We have always worked to the principle of providing top quality, inspiring wargaming products. We sell historically accurate ranges, strong in breadth and depth, backed with expert knowledge in a professional manner for you, our customers.

Magister Militum came into being in 2002, when we began by importing Hallmark Miniatures 1:6000 ships back into the UK from their new owners in the USA. We soon progressed to manufacturing with the purchase of Navigator Miniatures 28mm ancient ranges and shortly afterwards bought the Chariot Miniatures 15mm range which spans the Biblical era to the Napoleonic Wars and has been in business for over 30 years.

It was during this time that we began producing 10mm Crimean War figures of our own. After a chance conversation with Rick Priestly at a Society of Ancients day, we began a rapid expansion of our fledgling 10mm Ancients range in collaboration with Games Workshop’s Warmaster Ancients team. This huge range of 10mm figures includes the Medieval era, a massive Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars range, WW1 and WW2 figures and indeed our scale model dinosaurs.

Next came an expansion into the world of buildings and scenery with JR Miniatures, Baueda and Miniature World Maker from the USA, Italy and Australia respectively.

With GHQ we knew this was a range that couldn’t be beaten on quality or detail, so we had to make this excellent range easily available to you on this side of the Atlantic. We stock over 10,000 packs with deliveries on average every six weeks or so, so you’re never far away from 1:285 heaven.

Latterly, we have begun stocking pleasantly challenging strategy board games, card games and other useful items like bases, paint and brushes and unusual dice. Not to mention our growing range of 10mm fantasy ranges!

We’re always spotting and stocking new products that may interest you, the latest being 15mm Polly Oliver, 28mm Lead Adventure Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures which includes the Game of Thrones figures, Ozmy Oddzial 3mm and Et Sans Resultat! rules and armies series.

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