Making Scenery & Terrain

Making Wargaming Scenery And Terrain

Making Wargaming Scenery And Terrain For 10mm Wargaming. Decently modelled wargames terrain can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your tabletop wargames. It can also play a large factor in strategic decisions and the outcome of the game. The type of terrain you decide to build depends on the era of the wargames you are playing. These guides will help you build a basic mix of terrain pieces that can be swapped around for different games. Below is a list of projects already completed.
  1. Making Barb Wire Fences
  2. Making Buildings
  3. Making Cornfields
  4. Making Diorama Bases
  5. Making Fences
  6. Making Hedges
  7. Making Hills
  8. Making Moulds
  9. Making Mountains
  10. Making Ploughed Fields
  11. Making Ponds and Swamps
  12. Making Rivers
  13. Making Roads
  14. Making Snake Fencing
  15. Making Trees and Woods
  16. Making Walls
  17. Mat-O-War Wargaming Mat
  18. Buildings From Various Manufacturers