Wednesday, 21 February 2018

10 - Piece ‘Bridgehead’ Set from Battlescale


Our latest (limited) offer is one for the WWII gamers. This 10 - Piece Set is offered at a discounted price of £40, saving a combined total of £9.35 on the range!

There are only 10 of these sets on offer so don’t miss out!

The set contains:

1 x Battle Damaged Bridge

1 x European Townhouse #1

1 x European Townhouse #2

1 x European Ruin #1

1 x Terrace Ruin

1 x Single Storey Ruin

1 x Cafe / Shop

1 x M/G Bunker

2 x Sandbagged M/G / Mortar Pit

Purchase of this set also entitles UK customers to FREE DELIVERY.

All items supplied unpainted.

Battlescale Wargame Buildings

Monday, 19 February 2018

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is more than an excuse to take the day off work. It is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of two of our nation’s most iconic leaders: George Washington, born on February 22, 1732, and Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12, 1809.

Even before Washington died, his birthday had become an occasion for patriotic celebration. In 1796, for example, a Philadelphia newspaper reported, “This being the anniversary of the President’s Birth day, the dawn was ushered in with a salute of fifteen cannons, and a joyful peal from the bells of Christ’s Church.“ What we now know as Presidents’ Day first became a federal holiday in 1879, when Congress passed legislation designating it as such. In the second half of the 20th century, the holiday was moved to the third Monday of February, where it remains to this day.

Over the years, the holiday has come to be as much associated with Abraham Lincoln as it is with George Washington.

Born almost a century apart, Washington and Lincoln came from very different backgrounds. Yet there were similarities as well. Neither man received much in the way of formal schooling, rising to prominence on the force of their intelligence, integrity and charisma.

Proving himself a leader during the American Revolution, Washington was the obvious candidate when it came time for Americans to choose their first president. As both a general and a president, Washington’s genius rested on his ability to bring people together and inspire them to acts of patriotic service.

Just as Washington provided leadership during the conflict in which the United States was created, Abraham Lincoln led the American people through the conflict in which it was defined. Demonstrating a unique blend of empathy, determination and moral clarity, he guided the Union through its most trying hour, helping to bring about an end to slavery in the process.

Every day, we are proud to honor both Washington’s and Lincoln’s legacies by protecting the land where our nation was forged and defended.

Washington’s Charge at Princeton

We have worked to honor Washington’s legacy by protecting the hallowed ground on which he fought at Princeton. Thanks to many generous supporters, we’ve nearly reached the finish line on our fundraising effort. With your help, we can get there, permanently preserving the very land over which Washington led the famous charge that saved the Revolution.

How Lincoln Changed the World

Why do Lincoln’s iconic words at Gettysburg still matter to each and every one of us? In this new video, Professor Doug Douds of the Army War College explains how Lincoln changed the world in two minutes. This video was produced in partnership with Prager University and made possible by a gift from a generous donor.

In4: Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River

While Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River is rightly regarded as one of his finest moments, the image most Americans hold of the event rests on myth. The reality is far more compelling. Join our own Kristopher White as he delves into the truth of Washington’s epic gamble with our new Campaign 1776 In4 video.

Abraham Lincoln in Popular Culture

Lincoln’s memory continues to resonate in popular culture. Many films have been produced about his life, and new books continue to examine his role in American history. If you’re planning on taking in a movie or curling up with a book this Presidents’ Day, we’ve compiled a list of ideas.

Abraham Lincoln Quiz
Few people have lived more interesting lives than Abraham Lincoln. You may think you know all the facts, but there’s only one way to be sure. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of America’s 16th president.

George Washington Quiz
You probably know that George Washington first saw combat during the French and Indian War. But do you know the name of the battle? Test your knowledge of America’s preeminent founding father by taking our quiz.

The Civil War Trust

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Kalt Krieg Ohne Hass

Kalt Krieg Ohne Hass

Kalt Krieg Ohne Hass, Fast play wargame rules for Brigade/Regimental level battles of the Cold War era, using 15mm through to 2mm miniatures.

A grid based battlefield regulates all firing and movement eliminating any micro-measurement. No record keeping is required.

Vehicle scale is one base of miniatures to about 10 vehicles or about 100 men, with a grid square being one square kilometre.

Command and control is central to the system without being complicated but having a significant impact upon operations. Included are special rules for air support, minefields, counter battery fire, Electronic warfare and chemical warfare.

A Brigade level game can easily be fought through in three hours.

Wargame Vault

278 Acres at Camden

278 Acres at Camden

Since we began our Campaign 1776 initiative, we have saved roughly 677 acres of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefield land. Nearly half approximately 292 acres has been at battlefields associated with the Southern Campaign, the series of battles waged in the Carolinas that ultimately won the American war for independence.

Today, you and I have the opportunity to nearly double the Southern Campaign land we've saved, with an additional 278 acres of hallowed ground from the Revolutionary War.

The British were just beginning their campaign in the Carolinas in the spring and summer of 1780. The British commander, Lord Charles Cornwallis, established an advanced supply base at Camden, South Carolina, using it as a platform for Royal troops looking to suppress rebellious colonists. In August, American General Horatio Gates a hero of the Battle of Saratoga hoped to seize Camden and neutralize the British forces in the vicinity.

As dawn broke on August 16, 1780, Gates’s hungry, footsore Americans were shuddered alert by the tell-tale crack of a British Brown Bess musket. In front of them, 2,230 British regulars and loyalist militia stood ready to defend the Camden base. Believing he outnumbered the Redcoats two-to-one, Gates rashly chose to attack. In reality, his effective strength of roughly 3,000 weary Continentals was easily matched by the rested British veterans awaiting him. The Redcoats made quick work of inexperienced troops on Gates’s left flank. On the right, veteran Maryland and Delaware troops made a good show of resisting before they too bent under the weight of the Royal onslaught. When the fighting was over, roughly 900 Continentals were dead or wounded and another 1,000 had become prisoners of war one of the worst military disasters in American history.

With your help, we can save a significant portion of the Camden battlefield 278 acres over which some of America’s first citizen soldiers fought and died in the effort to create the country in which we now live. Thanks to federal and state matching funds, we are able to save this land valued at approximately $1 million for just $2o0,000, a $5-to-$1 match. Help us Save Camden.

Campaign 1776
The Civil War Trust

Friday, 16 February 2018

Modern Armor - Arab-Israeli Wars Armor Cards

Modern Armor - Arab-Israeli Wars Armor Cards

Modern Armor - Arab-Israeli Wars Armor Cards for the Modern Armor rule system.

Armor Cards for the armored fighting vehicles that participated in the Arab-Israeli wars: tanks, tank destroyers, infantry fighting vehicles, and anti-aircraft from 1948 through the 1982 Lebanon War, as well indigenous vehicles and local variations up to the present day.

Technical readout and weapon information for Modern Armor, including ballistic tables.

(These cards are not required to play the game)

Wargame Vault

10mm German Ritter (Knights) Released from Warmonger Miniatures

The German Ritter (Knights) are now available! Our sixth Kickstarter is all wrapped up and we’re now offering our seventh product up for sale to everyone!

10mm German Ritter (Knights)

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 1

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 2

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 3

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 4

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 5

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 6

10mm German Ritter (Knights) picture 7

Warmonger Miniatures

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII-1, Feb-Mar 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII-1, Feb-Mar 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII.1 with John Hawkwood in Italy

This famous condottieri made a fortune as a military commander. How did an Englishman gain such fame in Renaissance Italy?

Theme: John Hawkwood in Italy

William Caferro, 'An English mercenary in Italy - The career of John Hawkwood'.
David Balfour, 'The massacres at Faenza and Cesena - The dark side of a hero'.
Sean Manning, 'The merchant of Prato's little secret - Hidden protections'.
Nick Bohmann, 'Why did city-states hire mercenaries - The dilemma'.
Niccolò Capponi and Kelly DeVries, 'Hawkwood's greatest victory - The Battle of Castagnaro'.


Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'Many questions with few answers - The longbow'.
Michael Livingston, 'If it even happened - The Battle of Hyddgen, 1401'.
Joanna Phillips, 'Why sieges were hard on your health - Besieging bodies'.
Georgios Theotokis, '11th century Norman mercenaries in the Mediterranean - Fame, faith, and fortune'.
Murray Dahm, 'Swords for hire, Hollywood style - Condottieri on film'.

Medieval Warfare