Monday, 5 December 2016

Last Batch Of New Middle East Sculpts!

We've had the final batch of sculpts through for our WWI expansion, concentrating mainly on the Middle East.  With these here now, we'll get started on some master moulds over the Christmas break, ready for production moulds in the early part of 2017.

In this batch we've got:

British/Imperial Cavalry

British/Imperial Cavalry

Turkish Regular Cavalry

Turkish Regular Cavalry

Irregular Arab Cavalry

Irregular Arab Cavalry

Sharifian Troops (mounted x 3 / foot x 2)

Sharifian Troops (mounted x 3 / foot x 2)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Osprey: December 2016 Book Vote

Osprey: December 2016 Book Vote

This month we are asking you which titles you would like to see in our New Vanguard series. Have a read of the descriptions below and let us know which of these you’d like to see us publish!

European Ironclads 1860-75

When the French ironclad warship La Gloire was launched in 1859, she sparked a naval revolution. A year later, the Royal Navy launched Warrior, the first iron-hulled warship. These armoured, steam-powered warships made the wooden warship obsolete overnight, and in the decade that followed Europe’s most powerful navies desperately fought to keep their advantage, while others saw an opportunity to overturn the existing order. This would be a two-part NVG, with one volume covering the early ironclads of the Royal Navy and the other their continental European contemporaries.

The Imperial German Navy 1871–1906

The 35 years after unification saw Germany grow from an insignificant sea power to a battleship-armed navy that could contemplate a challenge to the world’s most powerful, the Royal Navy. This book examines how that navy was developed, the role of Admiral Tirpitz and German strategy, and the warships that Germany built in the decades leading up to the launch of Dreadnought.

World War I British Light Cruisers

Overshadowed at the time by the more glamorous new concept of the battlecruiser, the Royal Navy still needed modern, capable, powerful, long-range warships that could assert British sea power around the world, and be built and operated in larger numbers than the ferociously expensive battlecruisers. This book examines these cruisers of the Town, Arethusa, C- and D-classes, and the war at sea that they fought – often far from the centre of attention in the North Sea.

Spy Ships of the Cold War

From the Soviet Union’s huge fleet of intelligence-gathering trawlers to the US Navy’s ‘technical research ships’ and the extraordinary Hughes Glomar Explorer, specially built to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K-129, a Cold War at sea was fought between these discreet but vitally important ships. This New Vanguard would cover the spy ships of all the major nations involved, their roles and capabilities, and telling the stories of when spy ships found themselves the focus of unwelcome attention – occasionally sabotaged, captured, or attacked.

Aegis Guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers 1983-present

For more than 30 years, the US Navy’s Aegis Combat System has been arguably the world’s most capable surface ship weapons system. This New Vanguard examines the system’s capabilities and how it has been developed, and the ships that have been built around it, from the Ticonderoga-class cruisers and Arleigh Burke destroyers to those of the increasing number of US allies around the world that use Aegis on their own destroyers.

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10mm Scale Crash Site by Junkyard Miniatures

New to Junkyard Miniatures! 10mm Scale Crash Site, Suitable for an independent objective marker or terrain piece, but also fits together with our modular road system!


1 x 150mm Long Crash Site Terrain Piece

1 x 150mm Long Crash Site Terrain Piece picture 1

1 x 150mm Long Crash Site Terrain Piece picture 2

1 x 150mm Long Crash Site Terrain Piece picture 3

£5 + free shipping in the UK!

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Pendraken Zoo Now Open!

Although, it'd be quite a rubbish zoo if it was full of cows, sheep and rabbits so maybe it's more like the Pendraken petting farm...?!  The Pendraken Menagerie...?!

Anyway, we've got 9 different farm/countryside animals here ready to be used in all manner of ways.  Fields full of cows and sheep, farm buildings with chickens or geese running wild, dogs on your command bases and rabbits hiding in your hedgerows!  The possibilities are endless!

Scenery Items Animals

SCN-NML1   Cows   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML1   Cows   (x10)

SCN-NML2   Sheep   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML2   Sheep   (x10)

SCN-NML3   Goats   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML3   Goats   (x10)

SCN-NML4   Pigs   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML4   Pigs   (x10)

SCN-NML5   Dogs   (x10)   £2.00

SCN-NML5   Dogs   (x10)

SCN-NML6   Cats   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML6   Cats   (x10)

SCN-NML7   Chickens   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML7   Chickens   (x10)

SCN-NML8   Geese   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML8   Geese   (x10)

SCN-NML9   Rabbits   (x10)   £1.50

SCN-NML9   Rabbits   (x10)

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Why Our Members Support the Trust

Why Our Members Support the Trust

During this season of giving, we at the Civil War Trust want to take a moment to reflect on the people who have made the Trust the best organization of its kind our members and supporters. Thanks to their steadfast support, we have saved more than 43,000 acres of American battlefield land priceless pieces of American history that now have been saved and preserved for future generations.

At the Civil War Trust we pride ourselves on being good stewards of the gifts we receive from our faithful supporters. Every dollar donated to the Civil War Trust goes directly to our mission saving American battlefields and promoting the history education around its defining conflicts. This is just one reason our supporters have remained so loyal over the years. To learn more about why our members value and support the Trust, check out this video.

The Civil War Trust

Friday, 2 December 2016

New Epsilon 10mm Buildings In Stock

The next release from Escenografia Epsilon is this excellent trio of African buildings, all pre-painted and ready to go onto your table! We've got our stock of these here in the U.K. now, so these have been added to our website.

Escenografia Epsilon

EPS-AF01 - African buildings (x3) - £16.95

EPS-AF01 - African buildings (x3)

As always, it's worth a browse through the Epsilon website and have a look at the other excellent products they have on offer.

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10mm Hellborn Flesh Reavers by Onslaught Miniatures

10mm Hellborn Flesh Reavers by Onslaught Miniatures

Onslaught Miniatures is trying to gauge interest in a new range of 10mm fantasy models.

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