Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Releases from Magister Militum

A little taster for you of our upcoming 10mm releases. Giraffe, Wyvern and a Hydra.

MDN14 Giraffe

MDN14 Giraffe

FMC616 Wyvern

FMC616 Wyvern

FMC615 Hydra

FMC615 Hydra picture 1

FMC615 Hydra picture 2

Magister Militum

Osprey's Big Reveal: Raid, August 2017

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, RAID is back in 2018 with one very exciting title!

Osprey's Big Reveal: Raid

Heroics at Telemark: Sabotaging Hitler's atomic bomb, Norway 1942–44

In May 1941, Norwegian Section of SOE received a dossier warning of the dangers of a hydroelectric fertiliser plant in Norway – for this plant, Vemork, also produced heavy water, an essential part of making plutonium for nuclear weapons. When the Germans overran Norway the entire stock had been smuggled out of the country, but the plant was intact and soon producing heavy water again, destined for the German nuclear programme.

Despite the difficulties of getting to and operating in such a remote, hostile area, SOE Norway Section decided it had to destroy the plant. Operation Grouse inserted ski-borne Norwegian commandos to establish a presence on the harsh plateau; followed by glider-borne engineers to attack the plant. But the gliders and a Halifax tug crashed en route, and the survivors were found and shot.

Despite the massive increase in security around the plant, SOE tried again. Operation Gunnerside infiltrated another six ski-borne commandos, who got past the 300 heavily armed guards through a ravine the Germans thought impassable, blew up the electrolysis cells, and escaped the way they had come, evading the pursuing Germans on skis. The plant was later bombed from the air, and then a ferry carrying the last heavy water to Germany was sabotaged and sunk as it crossed a deep lake.

At the war’s end, despite the damage that SOE caused in Norway, a plant in Bavaria was discovered that nearly had enough heavy water to develop a bomb. In the opinion of the SOE historian M.R.D. Foot the raid was of ‘cardinal importance’ and alone justified the existence of the organisation.

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Warning Order 46, August 2017

Warning Order 46, August 2017

Warning Order, a free wargaming e-magazine, now has issue #46 available to download.

This is a larger-than-usual issue that features reviews of BKC3 and Fire & Fury 2; battle reports for TSATF, Ronin, Saga, BKC2 and 3, and Age of Discovery. There are book and game reviews, two new Engagements scenarios, the regular features, plus a complete fictional Colonial campaign.

You can download the issue directly with this link.

Back issues are available by going to this page.

Warning Order

A new monthly subscription plan that combines Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare

A new monthly subscription plan that combines Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare: you'll receive each magazine whenever it appears for one simple price, free shipping worldwide. Available in paper and digital versions.

Ancient Warfare
Medieval Warfare

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Conservation Opportunity at Upperville Battlefield

A Conservation Opportunity at Upperville Battlefield

In the last 30 years, the Civil War Trust has saved more than 46,000 acres of hallowed ground throughout the United States. These battlefields are the pastoral places where young Americans made the ultimate sacrifice to forge the nation we are today. We work to save this land in honor of their brave deeds. In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, “It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.”

As important as it is to remember the history made at these sacred sites, battlefield preservation has important environmental benefits as well. By saving historic sites, we also conserve open spaces, protect natural habitats, and prevent water pollution. In saving hallowed ground, the Civil War Trust has allowed wildlife to thrive, helped the land and forest to produce their bounty, and ensured that natural landscapes are available for outdoor enthusiasts to visit and enjoy.

That's why I'm asking for your help.

Today, we have the unique opportunity to save land and create a new battlefield park at the historic Goose Creek Bridge in Loudoun County, Virginia. The property was the scene of the Battle of Upperville, an early engagement of the momentous Gettysburg Campaign. It is also the home of 19 tree species native to the Virginia Piedmont Region, as well as 54 bird species. The property runs along Goose Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River and a designated Virginia Scenic River. Preserving this historic property will also contribute to the protection of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

This unique collaboration between the Trust and NOVA Parks, with the support of the Fauquier and Loudoun Garden Club and the Virginia Department of Transportation, builds on the 2012 success that created a new publicly-accessible park at the nearby Middleburg battlefield.

In helping us save these 19.8 acres, you are not only saving American history, you are helping to protect the environment and ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of Goose Creek and the habitat it provides for plants and animals alike.

Let's save Goose Creek and create a park.

The Civil War Trust

Saturday, 19 August 2017

New York State in the Revolutionary War

New York State in the Revolutionary War

While the Revolutionary War is often remembered by the battles fought in and around burgeoning population centers between American and British regular armies, the fight for the young nation was contested just as fiercely in the sparsely settled backcountry forests and valleys of the American countryside. The Mohawk Valley in central New York is one such example.

In 1777, the Mohawk Valley set the stage for not only a civil war between Loyalist and Patriot militias, but also a multi-national war between the Indian nations, whose military support was desired by both the British and the Americans. Central New York was the homeland of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, whose members fought for the British and the Americans alike.

At the Battle of Oriskany on August 6, 1777, the Tryon County militia led by General Nicholas Herkimer and Oneida warriors marched northwest to resist the British siege of Fort Stanwix. Within a few miles of the fort, a British force comprised of primarily Native American warriors from the Senecas and Mohawks who, like the Oneidas, were members of the Iroquois Confederacy ambushed the Tryon County militia. After a torrential thunderstorm, Herkimer was forced to withdraw, having suffered more than 500 casualties. Many prominent chiefs and warriors fighting for the Loyalists, however, also fell that fateful day. As a result, the Iroquois reexamined their role in the siege. Known as “a place of great sadness,” the Oriskany Battlefield is today recognized by the Iroquois as a place of remembrance, and of reflection.

A plaque at Oriskany Battlefield State Park reads: “In the Valley homes, [there] was great mourning. For such a small population, the losses were almost overwhelming. In some families, the male members were wiped out. It was many a long, weary year before the sorrow and suffering caused by the sacrifices at Oriskany had been forgotten in the Valley of the Mohawk.”

The resulting conflict is one of the few battles of the American Revolution in which only North Americans participated. Its lasting ramifications echo in the Valley to this day. Thank you for your continued commitment to protecting the hallowed grounds where these brave and resilient soldiers fought.

Historical Map of Oriskany, New York

Fought on August 6, 1777, the Battle of Oriskany in central New York displayed a truly multi-nation conflict between nations of the Iroquois Confederacy and Loyalist and Patriot militias.

First Preservation Victories in New York

We recently announced our inaugural New York preservation effort. Thank you to those who helped save 160 acres at the Revolutionary War battlefield of Fort Ann and the 24-acre Horse Island which witnessed the War of 1812 Battle of Sackets Harbor.

Declaration of Independence In4

The Declaration of Independence is a seminal document, not only in American history, but world history as well. Despite its importance, it is still shrouded in myth. In our new In4 video, our teacher-in-residence Jim Percoco separates fact from fiction in less than 4 minutes!

Battle of Camden, South Carolina

The August 16, 1780 Battle of Camden was one of several devastating defeats suffered by the Americans in the early stages of the British military offensive in the South.

Save the Southern Campaign

Although largely forgotten today, many historians believe the Revolution was won at places like Kettle Creek, Hanging Rock, and Eutaw Springs. You can help protect 209 acres of battlefield land from this overlooked but crucial period in American history.

Save the Date! Brandywine Battlefield Preservation Ceremony

Mark your calendars for September 15 to attend a special ceremony celebrating the recent preservation successes at the Brandywine Battlefield. More details coming soon!

Campaign 1776
The Civil War Trust

Friday, 18 August 2017

Panzerkrieg: Volume 1 by Jason Mark

Panzerkrieg: Volume 1 by Jason Mark

Pre-Publication Offer for our forthcoming title, Panzerkrieg: Volume 1.

In this first volume of a series dedicated to studying German armoured operations at Stalingrad, the combat histories of Panzer-Abteilungen 103, 129 and 160 are examined in detail. A large number of incredible photos have been assembled, around 100 from the Bundesarchiv-Bildarchiv, the remaining 460 from veterans, private collectors and the author’s own archive, the overwhelming majority having never been published before. But don’t think this is “just” a photo volume; the operations of each battalion are covered in detailed narratives accompanied by maps, aerial photos, tables and of course hundreds of stunning images. This is by far our biggest book to date.

• Large 280m x 216mm format;
• 568 pages on high-quality gloss paper;
• 559 photos;
• 50 maps;
• 12 aerial photos;
• 3 appendices with daily panzer strengths of each battalion.
For more information about the book, follow this link:
Be sure to check out the samples – click on the link above and look for the 6 links. Here are a few teasers.

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