Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Dismounted Single Mongol Bowmen from Kallistra

In response to requests; Dismounted Single Mongol Bowmen are now available.

H-6005 Dismounted Single Mongol Bowmen

H-6005 Dismounted Single Mongol Bowmen picture 1

H-6005 Dismounted Single Mongol Bowmen picture 2
Pack H-6005 is supplied with 32 figures plus 4 bases.

Cast in the UK using lead free pewter.


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

10mm German Mortar, Organ Gun & Volley Gun, Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

10mm German Mortar, Organ Gun & Volley Gun, Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

Warmonger Miniatures is running our eighth Kickstarter. Help us add this one to our list of success stories (Great Swords, Arquebusiers, Crossbowmen, Halberdiers, Reiter, Ritter and Falkonet).

10mm German Mörser (Mortar), Orgelgeschütz (Organ Gun) and Salvengeschütz (Volley Gun)

In a nutshell, I'm a Warmaster gamer who's after a Dogs of War army where I don't have to worry about out-of-production models, conversions and size differences between ranges. 10mm Landsknechte fit the bill here, plus they could find a home in an Empire or historical army as well.

The Miniatures

There are five unit options this time around:

Mörsers auf Rädern (Wheeled Mortars)

A unit of two wheeled mortars and six crew.

Mörsers auf Rädern (Wheeled Mortars)

Statischer Mörsers (Static Mortars)

A unit of two static mortars and six crew.

Statischer Mörsers (Static Mortars)

Orgelgeschütz (Organ Guns)

A unit of two organ guns and six crew.

Orgelgeschütz (Organ Guns)

Salvengeschütz (Volley Guns)

A unit of two volley guns and six crew.

Salvengeschütz (Volley Guns)

Artilleristen (Artillerymen)

A unit of eighteen crew.

Artilleristen (Artillerymen)


Extra units are available at a price determined by your pledge level:

$10.00 per extra unit if you pledged at the "Donation" or "2 Units" levels.
$9.50 per extra unit if you pledged at the "4 Units" level.
$9.00 per extra unit if you pledged at the "8 Units" level.
Bases will not be available this time as I can no longer source them locally.

You can order other landsknecht units as well at their normal price. Simply indicate what you're after on the reward survey you're sent after the Kickstarter has been funded. I'll invoice you for these additional units along with the shipping (see below).


Once the units are ready to be shipped I will invoice you for an additional fee to cover postage. Please note that these are estimates. I was liberal when calculating the weight of the units so hopefully they won't be higher. Add-ons will affect the cost of postage.

United States

$4.00 for 1 to 4 units.
$7.50 for 5 to 32 units.
$14.50 for 33 or more units.
Rest of the World

$15 for 1 to 4 units.
$24 for 5 to 22 units.
$37 for 23 to 54 units.
$60 for 55 or more units.

Risks and challenges

The units are sculpted and a master mold has been cut. If this Kickstarter fails to be funded I will just have to produce them at a later date (after I've recouped some of the costs from other sales).

In terms of a time-frame, I figure production molding and casting in January and shipping in February. If that changes you'll be seeing an update from me here.

Warmonger Miniatures,

Monday, 10 December 2018

Free Shipping, Beer in the Civil War, Foreign Fighters In4, and More

Free Shipping, Beer in the Civil War, Foreign Fighters In4, and More

This holiday season, we invite you to do your online shopping with us! From now until the end of the year, we are offering free shipping on all $50+ purchases in our new online store.

We have many products for you to choose from to gift to a loved one or yourself! Our collections include provisions for your next trip to the battlefield, including practical outdoor gear, such as water bottles and folding chairs, and an American Battlefield Trust cooler. There is even something for dog owners as well a portable water bowl so Fido can stay hydrated while traveling.

If you're looking to make a statement, we have a collection of artwork that includes limited edition historic prints of scenes from the Civil War. Our 2019 calendar is also available for purchase for the low price of $6.95.

Of course, our store offers standard swag like stickers and T-shirts, mugs, and lapel pins. Our special Founders Collection will only be available for a limited time, so now is the moment to purchase items that celebrate your steadfast commitment to the cause.

Best of all, you can rest assured knowing every purchase you make will go towards saving hallowed ground for future generations.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the code "SHIP18" at the checkout when you are completing your purchase.

Happy holiday shopping!

Alabama in the Civil War

The deeds of Alabamians – both Union and Confederate – are found on most Civil War battlefields. In this new video, our own Tom Moore explains the figures, events, and contributions associated with the state during the Civil War, including key Naval operations.

Foreign Fighters In4

The American Revolution was an international event of global implications. Many Europeans were swept up in the values of liberty and equality written in the declaration. Learn more about the foreign leaders who helped America win the war for independence.

Excerpts from Hallowed Ground

Our award-winning membership magazine, Hallowed Ground, features stunning photography, news, and in-depth articles by some of America's leading historians. The most recent issue contained articles on future presidents under fire. Read about U.S. Grant at Cold Harbor, "Old Tippecanoe" William Henry Harrison, or peruse a sample of the articles online.

Saved: 49 Acres at Yorktown

Thanks to our steadfast supporters, a 49-acre parcel of land on the Yorktown battlefield has been saved from residential development. The site of sieges in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, this twice-hallowed ground has the power not only to educate about the sacrifices that secured our freedoms, but also to inspire us all to be better citizens and better people.

Time for a Trip to Richmond?

The Richmond Battle App® is the perfect Civil War touring partner for your visits to Richmond, Virginia, and its area Civil War battlefields and historic sites. Our GPS-enabled application allows you to discover the great historical sites associated with the 1862 and 1864 campaigns for Richmond and inside the city itself.

Beer in the Civil War

Along with historical names, breweries throughout the nation have chosen Civil War inspired locations or recipes. It is tempting to think that this easy relationship between beer and these people and places dates back to the war itself. Yet, the story of beer, brewers, and breweries in the American Civil War is a bit more complex than it appears.

American Battlefield Trust

New World War Art Picture

New World War Art Picture

New World War Art Picture

New World War Art Picture