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Hordes & Heroes Medieval Rules

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Rules

Hordes & Heroes Medieval is designed as a fast play tabletop historical wargame, which uses hexagon marked terrain as a precise and effective method for moving troops. The rule system is simple and easy to learn, yet sophisticated enough to allow “realistic“ battles to be fought between a diverse range of medieval armies. It is easy to play, but more difficult to master.

One A4 Quick Reference Sheet is sufficient to contain all the information necessary to play. The Combat Results Tables can be printed or photocopied, cut and pasted together as required. The main rules need only be consulted when players are learning the rules, and occasionally thereafter, to clarify situations as they arise.

The precision of the movement system and the speed and efficiency of the combat system ensure that the game flows quickly and even a closely fought contest between two armies of 150 points can be concluded within 1½ hours to 2 hours.

The game is designed to be played on modular hex terrain which can accommodate a range of different terrain features, e.g. open ground, hills and slopes, rivers, woods, impenetrable terrain etc. Larger terrain features can extend over a number of adjacent hexes. The terrain is an extremely important aspect of the rules, in that, it is of great strategical and tactical significance because of the way it influences movement, Command and Control, and combat.

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Siege & Assault Rules

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Siege & Assault Rules

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Siege & Assault Rules - Wargaming sieges and assaults have always proved challenging to wargamers. Sieges were by their very nature often long drawn out affairs often lasting many weeks, months or even years. Once the preparations for the assault were complete and the attack was launched the fighting would be fast, furious and intense as attackers and defenders fought for supremacy. The Siege & Assault rules enable the Hordes & Heroes system to be used to conduct sieges and assaults against defended castles, towns and strongholds. They enable the use of a wide range of medieval siege equipment to be employed in breaching an array of different defences from simple earthworks to the massive stone walls of a major city. In conjunction with the core medieval rules they enable campaign scenarios to be constructed which enable gamers to explore the strategic as well as the tactical aspects of medieval warfare.

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Army Lists

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Army Lists

The HHM army lists are designed to enable any medieval historical army to be represented on the table top, in a miniature game, up to an agreed point value. We have endeavoured to make the lists as flexible as the historical sources which were consulted would permit. Hordes & Heroes Medieval Army Lists currently contain 28 different armies which can be easily modified and adapted to your own specific preferences or requirements, for use in a particular game, or to form part of an historical campaign.

Quick Reference Sheet Generator

Quick Reference Sheet Generator

The Quick Reference Sheet Generator allows you to produce a Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) for your two select armies and print all the necessary information including the Combat Results Table on one sheet of paper. so you just, Click, Select and Print! Click here to get your QRS

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Downloads

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Rules
Hordes & Heroes Medieval Army Lists
Hordes & Heroes Medieval Siege & Assault Rules



Monday, 24 September 2018

Project Update #3: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

Just a quick note on changes you might notice on the campaign page. We have decided to "show-off" more of the upcoming stretch goals in an effort for people to better see all of the great models we have to offer as the campaign progresses.

Its not something we have done in the past, but this KS is different with all of the extra stuff we are trying to bring out, and with your support we will get there! I am very excited for people to see what we have in store with the rewards we have planned.

Rewards Recognition Guide

Pledge Reward $38000

Pledge Reward $47000

Pledge Reward $58000

Pledge Reward $71000

Pledge Reward $86000

Pledge Reward $103000

So there you have it for now! Lets keep this campaign rolling and again, thank you for your support!

Best, CAVBoss

Talon Games

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Project Update #2: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

We are funded! cav kickstarter iii is go!

Greetings All! In under the 60 hour mark, the CAV Kickstarter 3 has been FUNDED with your support! Now its time to really "kick the tires and light the fires," to open up as many stretch goals as we can!

EVERY level funded from here on out will add something to the Core Force while providing even more optional Rewards that I think every backer will find something that appeals to him or her.

SO right now your Core Force pledge level with include these 32 CAV models, enough figures to field at LEAST three full squads for both factions.

Our next goal on deck - the Ghost CAV, a Core Force reward that we will automatically add to both Ace and Dropship Pilot Pledge Levels once funded. We also have the ALL-NEW Templar Charger APC Hover Vehicle, a model that has never been produced or shown till now! Once unlocked, by adding $5 to your pledge and selecting it in the pledge manager it can be yours too!

Pledge Reward

Lurking in the shadows is Stretch Goal #2! The impressive Templar Duelist and the Malvern's Banshee Anti-Grav Tank!

Pledge Reward 2

Looking to add more Core Force models to your pledge? By adding the amount shown next to each model below to your pledge you can chose to add even more of these great models to your forces!

Core Force Extras

So there you have it for now! Lets keep this campaign rolling and again, thank you for your support!

Best, CAVBoss

Talon Games

Friday, 21 September 2018

Project Update #1: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

We are almost to our funding goal and onwards to more rewards! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement so far.

To show our appreciation, we are including the following add-on for all of our backers that may be looking to try out the CAV: Strike Ops game for the first time with this special Kickstarter only offer!

Backer Reward
Remember, to receive this add-on you must add the amount shown to your
final pledge!
In case you missed it earlier, we caught this guy lurking around the corner ready to jump into the action!

Core Set Reward
Core Set Reward coming up next!

Talon Games

New 19th Century Italian flags from Pendraken Miniatures

While we're busily moulding up new ranges, Tony Hughes has been working hard on some new flagsheets for our recent 1849-1866 Italian range!  There's not a great deal of info available for some of these but Tony's done a lot of work to make sure that these are as accurate as possible. 

1849-66 Italians

PNFL712   1848 Piedmont flags

PNFL712   1848 Piedmont flags

PNFL713   1861 Piedmont flags

PNFL713   1861 Piedmont flags

PNFL714   Papal/Naples flags

PNFL714   Papal/Naples flags

PNFL715   Garibaldini flags

PNFL715   Garibaldini flags

All priced at £2.50 per sheet

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Share Your Love of History with the Next Generation

Share Your Love of History with the Next Generation

Do you remember how you felt the first time you visited a battlefield? Did that hallowed ground speak to you, changing the way you thought about history? Did it even possibly change your life?

If so, you wouldn’t be alone. I’ve personally heard dozens of stories about how a trip to a battlefield changed a person’s life, especially if they were young when they first set foot on that hallowed ground.

We believe every student should have the chance to experience history this way. That’s why we created our Field Trip Fund to put students – especially those who might not otherwise have the chance to visit a battlefield – onto some of America’s most sacred ground. Just in the last school year, the Trust sent 9,395 students from 28 different states on 125 field trips to battlefields and related sites.

This was the most students we’ve ever been able to sponsor in one year but we still had to turn down applications for another 76 trips. Why? Quite simply, lack of funds. If we had the funding, we could have sent another 5,000 kids to a battlefield.

This is tragic, and we have to do better. That’s why we’re asking dedicated supporters like you to help get more people to the hallowed grounds you’ve helped save. As a field trip may be the only way some students ever get to experience a battlefield, I personally believe that the American Battlefield Trust’s Field Trip Fund is one of the most important  and cost-effective educational efforts you and I could undertake.

We appreciate any help you can offer to send students to America’s hallowed ground. And you may remember from my last email that the History Channel has promised to match all Field Trip Fund donations up to $25,000 so every dollar you give will be doubled!

Together, we can make it a little easier for teachers to get students out of the traditional classroom and engage with their history and heritage firsthand. Please take a moment to learn more and donate today.

We estimate that it costs just $9.30 to send one student on a battlefield field trip. That means for the price of lunch, you could give a young person an enduring encounter with history. For $186, you could send an entire class of 20 students to a battlefield. Imagine if one of those kids goes on to be as successful in life and as dedicated to historic preservation as you are. Isn’t this one of the best and most important investments in our future that you could make.

American Battlefield Trust

Thursday, 20 September 2018

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