9 Jun 2020

Marder A5 and A51 from Aotrs Shipyards

Moderns Release: June 2020: Marder A5 and A51 (144th)

So first off the biggest news: I have a new webstore at TheShop3D. TheShop3D is a UK based company, and is the first alternate outlet that is credibly competing with Shapeways in terms of price and functionality (and customer service).

Models there are available in SLS nylon (the same material as the Shapeways VPN) and in grey resin (for most, but not all models). The Shapeways shop will continue to be open and maintained for the foreseeable future; especially at the moment, with shipping issues, international customers might well struggle to get imports, but I will note that TheShop3D is very slightly cheaper for SLS and the grey resin even lower in price.

(I have heard that there are rumours Shapeways is becoming disinterested in supporting the shops and only in competing with industrial-level printing (which would be consistent with how their customer service has steadily degraded), so if they suddenly decided to turn it all off, I will have something else in place.)

I have not yet tried the grey resin myself (this happened rather quickly and I sorted stuff quickly to it would be ready for today), but I'll be getting some samples myself soon, though they do a great deal of resin prints for roleplaying figures.

TheShop3D also doesn't have Shapeways' $5 minimum model cost, which is better for smaller models - especially for starship fighters.

TheShop3D currently has a selection of the newer releases of the Shipyards moderns, plus the Xyriat Hegemony starfleet. I will be adding to it over time. For the moderns, I am going to be updating the files to the new V2 locking turrets (which hitherto have been exclusive to the direct sales for models that were designed before they came in) before I upload them to TheShop3D. This is not a long job per model, but there's quite a few to even catch up to the ones for direct release (I still haven't quite printed everything from the moderns yet!)

For once, this is all a bit of good timing; as the Marder A5 and A5A1 (in 144th) were V2 turrets, I decided to make them this month's release, rather than the MTLB variants I've been working on. Which as just as well, since my Replicator is currently down for the count and thus I can't test-print for photos very easily (though at a push, we do have the upstairs printer, but it's not ideal.)

To change the materials, you need to change both the drop down menus for the material and for the colour (so Nylon and White or Resin and Grey).

Both new versions are the Marder are also available without a mounted MILAN.

Marder A5

Marder A5

Direct price: £4.70
The Shop3D price: £8.01 (Nylon)/£5.90 (Resin) Link
Shapeways price: $8.28 (£8.06) Link
Marder A5 (No MILAN)
Direct price: £4.90
The Shop3D price: £7.97 (Nylon)/£5.87 (Resin) Link
Shapeways price: $8.17 (£7.96) Link

Marder A5A1

Marder A5A1

Direct price: £4.70
The Shop3D price: £8.48 (Nylon)/£6.24 (Resin) Link
Shapeways price: $8.61 (£8.38) Link
Marder A5A1 (No MILAN)
Direct price: £4.60
The Shop3D price: £7.79 (Nylon)/£5.87 (Resin) Link
Shapeways price: $8.51 (£8.29) Link

Photo, as always, of the Replicator 2 version.

Next month will likely be some MTLB variants, depending on how we get along with the printer issues!

That said, I will be finishing preparations to release the Aotrs starfleet shortly for the next week or two anyway (and 95% of the CAD work is done), so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a disruption like it might have been a couple of weeks ago.

The Aotrs will see the return of the sci fi releases which will pour out for a few months, I suspect, there's a big wodge of stuff to come out in that department! One of the things I will be looking to try at TheShop3D myself is 12mm infantry. That got very expensive at Shapeways and I have been using i Materialise with half-an-eye to opening a store there for the sci fi infantry, but TheShop3D might present a better alternative - especially if they can manage it in resin! (We shall have to see!) As that would open up for the infantry releases for the Galactic Terrorist infantry and the ground armies for the Phystyulons and the first wave of the Royal Elven Kingdoms.)

I will continue to have more models brought to TheShop3D as I prepare them (and quicker if I see a big burst of sales there!)

Stay safe and endure.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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