12 May 2020

BMR-3 from Aotrs Shipyards

Things have been ticking over slowly. Prompted by a commission to do it for a different scale (285th), having previous done a commission for 700th, I decided I might as well strike while the iron was hot and did the BMR-3 in 144th for this month's release.

BMR-3 Mine Clearance Vehicle

BMR-3 Mine Clearance Vehicle

Direct price: £5.50

Shapeways price: $9.30 (£8.97)

Photo, as always, of the Replicator 2 version.

We have tried something with this model; is has been suggested that to remove the thin strings, you can flash it over with the naked flame of a gas lighter/cigarette lighter/what have you. The idea being it will destroy the strings too thin nearly the naked eye (the ones I only see after taking a photo with my camera, uploading in an going "motherf-!" and having to take again after trying to find and remove...!) Or at least melting them into a lump you CAN see and more easily remove. This was the result.

This was before:

This was before

and after:

with the main picture above being after a little clean-up. This sort of thing is really right on the limit of what a FDM printer can comfortable do, but this is a noticeable improvement.

I had a go with one of my fighter bases as well:

It's not perfect, by any means, but it's a darn sight better than it has been!

With the current climate, things are still up in the air, so no idea what next month will be, though there are still vehicles in the queue. Sci-fi releases are also likely on pause for a bit, though they are what I've been working on mostly during the lock-down; I've been slowly converting my old scratch-built/conversions of the titular Aotrs to CAD models, both for fleet and as of the lock-down 300th scale. (It's hard to be motivated to do something new under the circumstances.)

Partizan are running a Partizan in the Cloud event, on their Facebook page in lieu of the digital event. As I don't have much else to report, I'll be going into more detail on that process (with pictures), which will be linked (along with hopefully other stuff!) from their page.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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