19 Mar 2020

Project Update #13: WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.

A Huge Thank You, a Store Link, and an Update on Kyzaghan

Thank you all once again for all your marvelous support in WHISPER Wave 3.

Currently, I am unable to change the link in Kickstarter, so I thought I might share the link to the Impact Miniatures store here for those who might follow: https://www.impactminiatures.com/index.php?option=whisper

Meanwhile, I wanted to let everyone know that we are preparing to launch our fourth wave of WHISPER earlier than planned, since the Cutter was handled in such a timely manner.

I'll be updating with a new launch date, and we can see about unlocking the Kyzaghan, and the tanks, then.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


Brandon Fero

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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