11 Feb 2020

Boxer Ambulances from Aotrs Shipyards

This month, due to all sorts of things (included, but not limited to, preparation for Hammerhead, pantomime) we are once again dipping into the backlog, and we have today the Boxer Ambulance (both German and Dutch versions).

Unfortunately, due to the design of the ambulance modules on the real vehicle, it was not possible to make this into a module like the other boxer variants, so these are single-piece models. The best-laid plans and all!

Boxer Ambulance (German)

Boxer Ambulance (German)

Direct price: £5.70

Shapeways price: $9.26 (£8.48)

Boxer Ambulance (Dutch)

Boxer Ambulance (Dutch)

Direct price: £5.80

Shapeways price: $9.04 (£8.28)

Photos, as always, of the Replicator 2 versions.

So again, until the next little bit is out the way, I haven't got any concrete plans for next month (and the release might be delayed while I work on it). I have a few nominal possibilities, but nothing set yet. For the same reason, there won't be a sci fi release this month (as I' m too busy sorting out stuff for Hammerhead, but then there may be a load of stuff queued up). As may be surmised, we will be at Hammerhead on the 14th of March, doing both a Manoeuvre Group moderns 144 and a 144 sci fi game.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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