13 Jan 2020

Project Update #10: WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.

Production Update

Hello WHISPER Backers,

I hope 2020 is treating everyone well so far.

Quick update on the delivery of this KickStarter.

After sending the masters to the caster, he asked for a modification to make it cast better.   The unfortunate part was the sculptor was out for the holidays so I had to wait until a few days ago to get the revisions.   The change did not change the look of the model so no need to have that concern.

But I have the revision sculpt in hand and have redone the masters and they are off to the caster tomorrow.   So we give the caster one month to create the molds and me approve them.

Then 4 weeks to get the castings made, cut and sorted.

So by March 15th, we should be able to start shipping which should be two months ahead of schedule.

Tom @ Impact!

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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