29 Dec 2019

Project Update #9: WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.

Pledge Manager out ... December shipping

Hey great WHISPER supports.

We have 45% of the pledge managers completed.   I was going to try and start shipping anyone not getting the Cutter as soon as possible in December in hopes to add some Christmas WHISPER cheer to the backers. 

So would love on December 2nd to get in most of the casting order needed for the KickStarter.   So if you have the chance, please take a moment to fill out and complete the pledge manager over the weekend.  Many thanks!

If you have not received the link to your pledge manager from CrowdOx please let me know.

Tom @ Impact!

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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