11 Dec 2019

FV438 Swingfire from Aotrs Shipyards

So, last moderns release of the year; because of various issues (including commissions and family-related issues), we're going to dip into that stocking that is the backlog, and out comes... The FV438 Swingfire in 144th!

FV438 Swingfire

FV438 Swingfire

Direct price: £4.40

Shapeways price: $5.96 (£5.54)

The mast has a raised and lowered version (raised not depicted here - I apparently forgot to put it in when I took this photo!), so like the Fennek, you can have the mast up or down (who needs markers when you have the real thing!)

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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