26 Nov 2019

Project Update #8: WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.

CrowdOx Pledge Manager will be sent out this week

The Pledge manager is all set up and you should be receiving an email from CrowdOx so you can let us know what items you wanted for your reward.

Notes on how CrowdOx works:

You have an account credit to spend.  It show you adding items to your cart at a set price each.  But when you finish your amount you pledged on KickStarter will be deducted from the amount of the individual mecha selected.

In addition, Shipping was not collected as part of your pledge so that will be collected in the pledge manager.

Note the pricing for the shipping was slightly off for international backers.  It should have said $13 for Canada and $17 for Everywhere Else.   That is the bad news ... however the good news is that the prices posted for the individual mecha from past KS projects was overstated and each one was priced $1 more for each than they actually will be in the CrowdOx pledge manager.  (So the 2 errors should offset and not be a problem).

Tom @ Impact!

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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