3 Sept 2019

WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.


WHISPER project

Hello! In case you are new to the WHISPER project, I'm Brandon Keith Fero. Over the past few years I've been endeavoring to expand the line-up of resin miniatures for my project, the tabletop wargame and universe of WHISPER.

What is WHISPER?

In short, WHISPER is a mud-and-lasers blend of Star Wars and Mobile Suit Gundam. Our previous two waves dealt primarily with the later generations of WHISPERs... 32-foot-tall humanoid war machines that have proliferated throughout the known galaxy and become a mainstay in the strategies of their hyperpowers' military forces.

WHISPER Wave 3 is intended to take a look at the earlier generations, those WHISPERs that have come in the 50-60 years before 2697 AD, and the armored fighting vehicles intended to fight them dirtside.

The initial goal for the Kickstarter? The Cutter WHISPER.

Cutter WHISPER - $2,400 USD

An early second-generation WHISPER designed by the Southern Martian Conglomerate. This WHISPER has now proliferated throughout the Martian holdings.


Cutter Parts

Note: Due to the number of parts, we will be offering two separate poses for the Cutter at $10 each, or you can purchase the Cutter with all available parts at $15.

Next, The Stretch Goals...

Our first Stretch Goal is the Kyzaghan.

Kyzaghan WHISPER - $4,600

A second-generation WHISPER, the Kyzaghan was the first WHISPER designed and produced by the Russian Federation. Today, it has become one of the most numerous WHISPER series produced, short of the earlier Mark series and a few Martian WHISPERs.


Kyzaghan Parts

Note: Due to the number of parts, we will be offering two separate poses for the Kyzaghan at $15 each, or you can purchase the Kyzaghan with all available parts at $20 USD.

M-28 Clint MBT and Hathcock Light Tank - $7,100

Our next stretch goal includes the M-28 Clint main battle tank and the Type 2R Hathcock light tank.

M-28 Clint MBT

Hathcock Light Tank

Type 80/E Cantil MBT and Pallas MBT - $9,500

Last in our line-up are two Martian tanks, the Cantil, and the Pallas.

Type 80/E Cantil

Type 79/B Pallas Main Battle Tank

Type 79/G Pallas Anti-Aircraft Gun

Are These Mecha Kickstarter Exclusive?

No. Everything that is unlocked in any of the WHISPER Waves is up for sale with my partner at Impact! Miniatures. Our line-up now includes all the following from Waves 1 and 2, thanks to our Backers!


Price List (left to right): Kraken - $12 USD, Poseidon - $14 USD, Tundra - $10 USD, Osiris/Obelisk - $10 USD, Raptor - $10 USD, Kneeling Sokar and Standing Sokar - $8 USD

Not Pictured: Optional Sokar Arms - $8 USD

If you'd like to purchase these, you're free to chip into the Kickstarter and purchase them as a part of your Rewards, or you can go to the Store with Impact here.

Impact! WHISPER Link

WHISPER Miniature Reviews

"I've got a full set of the currently-available WHISPERS, and have had a blast with them. The casts are smooth and sharply defined, without bubbles or truncations. They go together easily, with just enough parts to allow for nice variations in poses (or easy modding and kitbashing!). I'm personally more fond of the designs with less-human proportions, like the Kraken and Osiris, but all of them are excellent mecha designs."


"Nicely made models. Required very little prep, have good definition in all the parts, which made it easy to paint in the three-layer style I like to use. They’re a touch topheavy, so mounting them is a little bit of a chore, but worth it for the visuals.

I’ll also add that they’re among the few resin models I didn’t have to add brass pins to - all the parts have excellent and very tight contact so they glue together very well."


Many thanks to Impact, Timothy Taylor, Elartwyne Estole, Heriberto V. Martinez, and John Y. Seung, for their continued fantastic art and assistance in realizing the WHISPER universe and its mecha!

And a huge thank you to all my wonderful Facebook and Instagram folks who have maintained constant updates, interaction, and offered both vital critiques, criticism, and strong support for details regarding the WHISPER universe!

If you'd like to follow along, feel free to follow the links:

WHISPER Facebook Page

WHISPER Facebook Group

WHISPER Creator Instagram

Impact Miniatures Facebook Page

What Is Credit?

You'll no doubt notice that Backers who Pledge higher dollar amounts are afforded a credited amount. This will translate into Impact's Pledge Manager in CrowdOx. So, as an example, if you Pledge for a WHISPER Squadron, instead of receiving $200 USD, you'll be granted $350 USD worth in your CrowdOx account with Impact. You'll still need to pay for shipping, but you would ultimately be receiving more bang for your buck.

Can I purchase the models already made in the last two Waves with my Kickstarter credit in CrowdOx?


I hope you'll join us. Suit up!

At the dawn of the 28th century...

Mankind has colonized and terraformed 75 planets, and their descendants have spun a web of civilizations throughout the Milky Way galaxy. As humanity marches forward, the Dominions have mobilized vast armaments to protect their citizens from incursions by pirates, raiders, and warlords.

Each Dominion is made of individual nations and major corporate entities - known as Powers - that are granted representation and protection under the IntStel Accords.

It was in the early middle of the 27th century that the Dominion of PAC-NATO created a new type of war machine. The WHISPER. Standing 12.5 meters tall, the Mark I WHISPER could make a short hyperspace slip jump from a solar system's Oort cloud to land in a terraformed planet's atmosphere, striking at hardened targets that would typically cost many lives to assail directly.

Today, tens of thousands of WHISPERs are mobilized in every Dominion, their pilots ranging from Marines to the most elite special forces operators.

While the Dominions have continued a covert conflict for secrets, knowledge, and valuable resources on the fringe of civilization, global leaders have begun to feel the strain of continued loyalty to their respective superiors. Individual Powers and planets have been rocked by terrorism and warlords.

The year is 2697 AD...

Risks and challenges

Impact is minimal in risk thanks to their amazing caster partners and incredible ethics.


Based on advice from Impact! Miniatures and others, we will be charging shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. This will be collected via the pledge manager, where you will let Impact and I know what WHISPERs you want in your reward after the campaign ends.

This is so we can be fair to all our backers (shipping is rarely one size fits all). As a rough estimate, the pledges shipping will cost about $5 within the US, $10 for Canada, and around $15 for everywhere else (Hunter-Killer, Squad, and WHISPER Squadron levels could be $25 or more, depending).

Shipping of the Kickstarter will be EU Friendly and should not incur any customs fees.

Thank you! We look forward to having you on board.

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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