16 Sept 2019

Project Update #5: WHISPER - Mecha Miniatures, Wave 3, Kickstarter from Brandon Fero

Expanding the miniature line for WHISPER, a 10mm wargame inspired by Gundam and Star Wars.

WHISPERs versus Tanks

It's a common trope among Gundam and Battletech fans to envision their mobile suits and Battlemechs as being towering war machines that can literally stomp a tank into paste. That, of course, is impractical at best. Any machine large enough to tower over most other man-made structures is making itself a target for every low-slung dirty tanker in a three-mile vicinity.

WHISPERs are, in some respects, the embodiment of the writings of Tom Clancy in one of his premier flagship novels, concerning his second premier character, John Clark. In one of the personal character moments, Clark reminisces over what he could do if he could put himself in his 20-year-old body with all the experience of having fought and trained for the last 30 years.

Original art by John Seung detailing the cockpit and size comparison of a pilot with the machine that would become the WHISPER

Original art by John Seung detailing the cockpit and size comparison of a pilot with the machine that would become the WHISPER.

This would be the germinating seed that helped me begin developing WHISPERs and the universe as a whole.

By and large, WHISPERs carry equivalent or slightly greater firepower to that of a modern (read: 27th-century) main battle tank. Tanks are cheaper to produce and maintain concerning raw materials (the bulk of the galactic economy runs on such), but you need more men and women to crew it, and they are more limited in terms of maneuver warfare.

In contrast, the most elite WHISPER pilots are often far more costly to train and upkeep, since they will almost always be older than 25 (after which they can be implanted with a neural link-and-sync wetware device for their machine), and the WHISPERs themselves are more expensive when they are first produced. However, they can maneuver in ways a tank or other armored vehicle cannot. They can scale vertical obstacles - such as mountain ranges - more swiftly than other ground forces, and, of course, they can enter the atmosphere of a planet to drop onto a hardened surface target.

Thus, WHISPERs act as yet another strategic and tactical tool in the arsenal of the Dominions and Powers that use them, while main battle tanks and other armored fighting vehicles act more as direct offensive and defensive ground measures in warfare.

WHISPERs and Tanks Size Comparison

WHISPERs and Tanks Size Comparison

We're still on target for the next WHISPER, the Kyzaghan, to be unlocked, after which we'll be aiming to unlock the main battle tanks. Let's get after it!

Brandon Fero
Impact Miniatures

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