3 Sept 2019

Brandon Fero


Star Wars Meets Gundam...

I’d long been a fan of all things science fiction by the year 2013, and the awesome images I saw immediately lit ideas in my head. That was the original idea when I first laid eyes on the GA images that were John Seung’s entries on the website Deviantart. I’d recently read a Tom Clancy novel, regarding an older operator who idly wondered how it would be if he were able to put his 55-year-old body and all its knowledge and experience into his younger 25-year-old self. That lit the match for what would become WHISPER.

Originally, it was a roleplaying game. My original desires melded what I knew - Infinity the game by Corvus Belli, the Gundam franchise of Japan, the Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles franchises of Canada-based Dream Pod 9, and George Lucas’ Star Wars - with what I had experienced as a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While the original roleplaying rules petered out, I began creating both fiction and also a set of rules for a wargame with miniatures that could be sold to all those seeking fast-paced, mud-and-lasers action.

Since then, I have been honored with friends and connections to individuals with greater artistic talent than I, who were able to help me finally begin to realize the universe of WHISPER.

With two successful Kickstarters already finished and shipped, and Impact! Miniatures openly providing the miniatures to all those interested, I’m continuing my journey into WHISPER and I’m inviting you all to join in.

To those who already came before, thank you. God bless you.

To all of you who are new. Welcome. Now suit up and strap in.

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