1 Jul 2019

Bhushan Arekar, Sculptor

Bhushan Arekar


My name is Bhushan D. Arekar. I am from India.

I am a Freelance 3D Character Modeler / Digital Sculptor by profession.

I love this work. While doing this I'm in my own little world. Still learning everyday as I create a new model.

I started working in this field as a 3D modeler for a VFX studio in Mumbai.

I have worked on various projects with this studio for 2 years.

I have an experience of working in VFX, TVC and 3D printing for the last 8 years.

My primary area is characters and creatures modelling/sculpting.

I have decided to work as a freelancer now, as I believe that every project I take up gives me a chance to evolve, adds to my knowledge and equips me with a better skill set.

Thanks for having a look at my work.

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