25 Jun 2019

Today’s Lesson in Never Giving Up Hope: 42 Acres at Stones River

Today’s Lesson in Never Giving Up Hope: 42 Acres at Stones River

Have you ever found something that you thought you had lost forever? Perhaps a photograph, a letter, a piece of jewelry, or something else of great value to you?

If so, then you know exactly how I feel at this moment about the 42-acre tract we have a chance to preserve on the Stones River Battlefield (a.k.a. Murfreesboro) in Tennessee. The parcel is in the core of the fighting and, if saved, would help to connect two widely separated wings of the battlefield that are already protected by the National Park Service. On this land, the soldiers closed out a bloody 1862 and entered the new year with three days of fighting and nearly 25,000 casualties. The Union's strategic victory at Stones River set the stage for campaigns into the heart of the Confederacy, while providing a much-needed northern morale boost.

We've had our eye on this particular tract for years, but when a private company purchased it for development, we thought all hope was lost.

Fortunately, we were wrong. The company that bought the tract, O'Reilly Auto Parts, appreciates the unique history of the property and has generously agreed to sell it to the Trust for preservation

The purchase price is $4.0 million, but thanks to a state matching grant program created by the hard work of preservationists in Tennessee, together with federal funding, nearly the entire cost is covered. In fact, the Trust needs to raise just $170,000 of the total cost to secure this tract. (That's a $33.94 -to-$1 match of your donation dollar!)

Please take a moment today to visit our website and read more about the history of this land, then give what you can to secure this precious American history for future generations.

Please don't let this incredible opportunity pass us by! We may never again be in a position to preserve such a significant tract of this crucial Civil War battlefield. I implore you to make the most of the $33.94 -to-$1 match by donating to save 42 acres at Stones River today.


American Battlefield Trust

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