7 Jun 2019

Save Hallowed Ground at the Plank Farm at Gettysburg

Save Hallowed Ground at the Plank Farm at Gettysburg

Have you ever considered how much history took place at any given family farm on a Civil War battlefield? Take, for instance, the Plank Farm at the Battle of Gettysburg. From the arrival of Union reinforcements under General John Reynolds on the morning of July 1 to the burial of more than 60 fallen soldiers long after the armies departed, this once-ordinary land witnessed every stage of an incredibly consequential moment in our nation's history.

Today, we have the chance to help save 143 acres at this critical site. While the full value of the transaction is $435,000, thanks to federal and local grant sources and a generous landowner donation, the Trust only needs to raise $40,000 to meet our commitment – which means every $1 you invest in this property is matched up to $10.88! This transaction is truly a team effort, with the Trust joining forces with the Land Conservancy of Adams County and other partners.

By securing this land now, you are proactively protecting this part of the battlefield from the spread of devastating commercial or residential development. It was a farm at the time of the battle, it is a farm today, and if you and I are successful, it will be a farm forever! You are also building on recently preserved hallowed ground nearby, like the 18 acres at Seminary Ridge earlier this year, and the preserved and restored Lee's Headquarters site Trust supporters saved in 2014.

I know you're not in this fight for the maps, but as a symbol of my personal gratitude, all supporters who contribute $64.20 or more today will receive a special reproduction of a historic map of the Gettysburg battlefield that will knock your socks off!

Please visit our website now to learn more about the history of this land – and the map we'll send when you contribute to save it. Then give as generously as you can to preserve these 143 acres of crucial American history. Thank you for all you do to keep hallowed ground hallowed, today and for generations to come.

We don't usually seek out Civil War hospitals behind the battle lines to save, but this one is so important, and so close to the doorstep of the battlefield, that we felt we had to join in the effort help preserve it. And remember, the Trust can help save this hallowed ground by raising just $40,000 toward the total cost. That's a $10.88-to-$1 match of our supporters' generosity. Please give what you can today to save this priceless American history!


American Battlefield Trust

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