7 Jun 2019

Prototype French Ironclads from Spithead

Prototype French Ironclads from Spithead

In the late 1850s the French navy embarked on an ambitious plan to build a fleet of Ironclad warships?? to rival the Royal Navy.

The first to be launched?? was the revolutionary Gloire, the world's first ocean going ironclad warship, although she was later to be surpassed by the Royal Navies HMS Warrior she was the first of?? 3 in her class . The construction of the Gloire?? was?? followed by?? the Couronne,?? then two double decked Ironclads of the Solferino class and no less than ten ironclads of the Provence class.?? These?? 4 models represent?? examples of?? the entire line of battle ironclad fleet of the French Navy of the 1860's that numbered 16 Ironclads.

It is hoped that with your support?? they will be available for sale later this year so Spithead are now looking to recruit naval ship collectors to support the production of these ships so to register you interest write to us at?? vanilla55@sky.com.

We also plan to make a range of Screw Frigates and Corvettes to round out the French naval forces plus navies of other nations of this period. There are no plans to produce Royal Navy ironclads as these are already available from Red EagleMiniatures ,?? an excellant?? company that we support but we will be making a range of Royal Navy screw frigates to go with the Red Eagle ship models.


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