10 Jun 2019

Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day

Was there a father in your life who helped inspire your love of history? Maybe it was your dad, your great uncle, a teacher or that wise veteran who lived next door. Maybe he told you stories, gave you a treasured book or took you to your first battlefield. Whomever you're picturing, you can be sure he would understand the value of preserving the hallowed grounds that define our history.

This Father's Day, honor a father by making a donation to save a battlefield or support a history educator. Then, choose one of our e-cards to share your gift with the father you are honoring or his family!

We are currently working to save 73 acres at Shiloh and South Mountain, 31 Revolutionary War acres in the Carolinas and 143 acres at the Plank Farm in Gettysburg. Does the father in your life have a connection to one of these places? Did you visit one of them together as a child? You can also support U.S. history education by sponsoring a teacher to attend our National Teacher Institute in his name.

When you make a contribution to any of these current efforts, you will have the option to dedicate the gift in honor or in memory of a special father and send someone an e-card via email.

Thank you for all you do to preserve American history, and a very happy Father's Day to you and yours!

Father's Day is an ideal time to peruse our online store for a gift a dad will love. We've selected some of our favorites and discounted them all 20% for the month of June.


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