1 May 2019

Next Stop on the Liberty Trail: Victory at Hanging Rock

Next Stop on the Liberty Trail: Victory at Hanging Rock

More great news about our endeavor to secure South Carolina's awesome and underappreciated Revolutionary history: thanks to you and your fellow Liberty Trailblazers, 18 acres at Hanging Rock will be forever preserved from development. These 18 acres include 15.5 acres from a Southern Campaign effort a couple of years back and an additional 2.4 acres from this year.

Hanging Rock was an outpost established by the British during the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. As the site of a small but consequential Patriot victory on August 6, 1780, Hanging Rock is one of 16 primary battlefields selected for the first phase of the Liberty Trail, a mobile-based tour and driving route that will use cutting-edge technology to connect and tell the stories of the most important Revolutionary War battlefields of South Carolina.

Please visit our website to learn more about the importance of the Battle of Hanging Rock to American independence and stay tuned for updates on how you can help shine a much-needed historical spotlight on South Carolina's rich Revolutionary past.

I truly can't thank you enough for your continued dedication to battlefield preservation and American history education. I hope you'll continue to blaze this Liberty Trail with us. Together, we can make revolutionary history!

Like I said above, this is about more than saving acres — we're also on a mission to educate people about why the Southern Campaign was so important and encourage them to visit these sites today. Do your part by brushing up on your facts and sharing them with the history buffs and patriots in your life.


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