10 May 2019

12mm Abrams MBT from Butlers Printed Models

One American Abrams MBT. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

The M1 Abrams is a third-generation American main battle tank named after General Creighton Abrams and designed by Chrysler Defence (now General Dynamics Land Systems). Designed as a highly mobile main battle tank for modern armoured ground warfare, the M1 is well armed and heavily armoured. The Abrams introduced several notable and innovative features such as a powerful 1500 hp AGT1500 multi fuel turbine engine, sophisticated Chobham composite Armour, a computer fire control system and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment along with NBC protection for crew safety. While the initial models of the M1 were armed with a licensed-produced 105mm Royal Ordnance L7 gun, later variants feature a licensed Rheinmetall 120 mm L/44 for increased firepower. Weighing nearly 68 short tons (almost 62 metric tons), it is one of the heaviest main battle tanks in service.

Choose one of three variants:

M1                - Could also be used as an M1IP (improved performance)
M1A2 TUSK  - M1A2 fitted with Tank Urban Survival Kit consisting of reactive armour, gun shield around the loaders machine gun, remote weapon station (RWS) above the commanders hatch, additional machine gun above with the main gun and a tank telephone.

Abrams MBT

Abrams MBT picture 1

Abrams MBT picture 2

Abrams MBT picture 3

Abrams MBT picture 4

Abrams MBT picture 5

Abrams MBT picture 6

Abrams MBT picture 7

Abrams MBT picture 8

Abrams MBT picture 9

Abrams MBT picture 10

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

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